1 or 2 ram slot for EI3103 lapatop?

  hotbig 03:10 09 Nov 2008

on the pc world website, it says my e-system 3103 has 2 ram slots but i can only see 1. where is the second slot? upgraded to 1 gig from 512 but dont want to waste the 512 ram. any clue? pls tell me.

  ambra4 05:05 09 Nov 2008

Make sure you get the correct type of memory.

The current memory will be in the screw off bit underneath where the hard drive is

The slot for the new memory is actually under the keyboard and it's a pain to get off, but be careful.

There are about 5 small tabs around the edge of the keyboard, which you have to 'gently' lever to get the keyboard membrane over them.

It then lifts off and you slot the memory in

  bully74uk 23:01 08 Dec 2008

I have undone the screw underneath the laptop that's labeled KB and have uncliped the 5 retainers around the keyboard however it still feels like something is hold the keyboard down around he middle somewhere.

Did you experience the same ? I don't want to force it and the edges seem free enough but its almost as if there is something else, another screw or something hold the keyboard in place.

Any help would be appreciated.

  ambra4 01:07 09 Dec 2008

To get the keyboard off Look under the followings keys F1, F8, Num Lock, Left Hand side of Caps Lock,

Right Hand side of Page Down underneath the Delete and Ctrl Keys as far as I can remember

  dbb12m 19:49 07 Dec 2009

hi all i have purchased a memory upgrade crucial memory upgade which stated that i required an upgrade which i purchased, i have installed 1 x 1gb ram in the bottom compartment slot but i am unable to locate the 2nd slot i have read your posting about where it is but there is not enough info about where and how to get to it i hope someone can advise me on how to do this installation as i am not a laptop engineer just n electrician.

  User-1229748 03:20 08 Dec 2009

you need to take the keyboard off

  dbb12m 18:59 09 Dec 2009

how do i take the keyboard off then?

  yankandzap 15:34 28 May 2010

Why not just put a 2 GB stick in back slot rather than risk breaking the front or keyboard. Its so annoying they put the second slot on the front. You can get one from ebay for around 20 quid.

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