1 link changing 2 frames or a non-scrolling table?

  JoJoJo 15:29 29 May 2003

I have designed a web page. Originally it had a frame at the left hand side with a menu in, and a main frame which the menu controlled. The menu in the left frame was “context sensitive”, i.e. the main menu items had several sub items which only became visible when the main menu item was clicked (in effect what happened was that the main-menu links changed both the contents of the main frame and the menu frame and there were several html files containing possible menus which could be displayed). Insofar as the menu was concerned this worked OK. However, it presented a problem with the forward and back buttons in the browser because when these were clicked only the main frame changed and the menu bar stayed the same so that it was possible to get the wrong menu displayed with the wrong main page.

To try and avoid this problem I recreated the pages and did not use a frameset but instead used a two column table for each page and enclosed the appropriate menu in the first column of each web page.

This seems to be the perfect solution. However, I have now found a new problem with such a design. Some of the information which goes into the right-hand “main” column fills more than one screen and thus scrollbars are displayed. This then means that the pages scroll the menu in the left column disappears off the top of the screen.

What I need to do, and would be grateful if somebody could help me to do, is either of the following
1) Get the frameset method working correctly so that the forward and back buttons ion the browser function such to keep the menu and a page “in sync”;

2) Make the menu in the left cell of the table be always visible i.e. make it move down the screen as the page scrolls so that it is always in line with the top of the window.

Can anyone tell me how I can achieve either of these or pot me to a location at which I can find more information on how to do it?

  AndySD 15:58 29 May 2003

click here or similar.... click here or look through the site click here

  Pesala 18:36 29 May 2003

click here

Still early days for the forum, which is not nearly so active as the helproom yet, but more specific to web design. It would help to know which web design program you are using too.

  JoJoJo 18:58 29 May 2003

....who has replied so far. I will spend some time going through and reading the various links you have provided.

As Pesala suggested, I have now opened this as a Thread in the WebDesign forum by following the link provided (I'm not sure how to access this forum any other way - there doesn't seem to be a link in the menu bar?)

Also, in case it helps anyone to help me, I am not using a web design program but am hand-coding in Windows Notepad.

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