1 Ethernet cable to provide 2 devices a int conn

  FatboySlim71 21:36 16 Aug 2010

I have just got a new tv and it came with a Blu Ray player. Both devices have features on them such has on demand tv services and more, that require a Internet connection. In the room where the tv and blu ray player are located, is a Ethernet cable that is connect to my Netgear DG834GT.

I was wondering if there is such an adapter whereby I could connect the Ethernet cable (that comes from my Netgear DG834GT), into it at one side and then on the other side it would then have 2 Ethernet ports whereby I could connect a ethernet cable from the blu ray player and also the tv. Basically a 1 in 2 out adapter.

  FatboySlim71 21:38 16 Aug 2010

I should have said that it is not possible to run an additional Ethernet cable into the room from the netgear DG834GT.

  Tim1964 21:55 16 Aug 2010

An ethernet switch such as this click here

  FatboySlim71 23:18 16 Aug 2010

Thanks Tim I'll have a look at that.

  FatboySlim71 07:40 17 Aug 2010

I was wondering Tim, if you have any experience of use of the product you mentioned in your link?

Its just I was wondering with this ethernet switch/switcher having 5 ports, would the internet connection speed that I get, would it be then divided and thus reduced, for example if I was getting 5 meg prior to using this switcher, would using the switcher mean that it would be reduced to 1 meg for each of the 5 ports. Or would each device that used the internet connection get the same speed has it ordinarily would if it was connected directly to my Netgear DG 834GT modem/router?

In my uses, I would only be using one device at a time that would use a internet connection though.

  dms_05 10:55 17 Aug 2010

The Ethernet switch simply allows you to have a number of different devices attached at the same time. This won't effect you Internet speed unless more than one device is sending/receiving data at the same time when you may see some change.

For example I have connected an Ethernet switch to my router as well as my laptop and desktop. The switch has several devices connected including my Sky+ HD box. In addition I have a netbook and an Android phone which connect by wireless to the same router. I can easily have 5 devices working at the same time. The only time I see any real effect is if I am downloading a very big file (say a 700 MB iso) and then the other devices seem slower whilst this download is occurring.

  FatboySlim71 22:18 17 Aug 2010

Thanks everyone for the help its much appreciated.

I popped into my local computer/computer accessories shop this afternoon and disgust what I was wanted to do.

In the end I purchased a Belkin 8-Port Gigabit Switch.

I fetched it home, and connected it to the ethernet cable that comes from my Netgear DG834GT, I then connected the three RJ 45 Ethernet cables (that I also purchased) to the Blu Ray player, TV, PS3. I then tried each one of them separately and I was able to go online with the devices. No settings of anything to alter etc, it was just plug in and play.

Thanks again for the help everyone its appreciated.

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