1) the best OS? 2) why format 3 yr old pc and how?

  Mad Boy 23:12 01 Feb 2003

firstly whats the best OS to have, because im thinking of upgrading.

Secondly, because im using win98 Se, how would i go about changing my OS. Would i need to format pc, then install New OS? (ive never done this sort of before)

Finally how do i format my PC safely?

Do i just right click my computer>format.

Or do i need to back up my system (i already did important files)

**One Last thing, where can i find my OS if i need to back it up, is it in C:?**

Many,Many Thanks.

  jazzypop 23:19 01 Feb 2003

How to format a drive - click here

The best OS to have is very much a personal opinion - my preference is for XP. However, running XP on incompatible hardware is a recipe for disaster.

Your OS is on the W98 CD.

  flecc 23:25 01 Feb 2003

If the 98SE is working well, take the advice from PCA and myself, don't change it until you by a completely new computer.

The only realistic alternative is XP, but that can be very troublesome to get working on an existing system and is extremely difficult at times if you don't have fairly advanced knowledge. The problem is compatibility, it may not accept much of your existing hardware or software and could involve you in huge expense.

The operating system is on your C drive, and to back it up it's best to use an imaging program like Ghost or Drive Image. Some recent magazines have recently given away Drive Image versions which suit 98SE, so keep your eyes skinned for one of those. Version 4 will write to CD or a hard drive partition.

Don't just right click and format your C drive, you would instantly lose your Windows!

Formatting should only be done before installing a new Windows.

  spikeychris 23:30 01 Feb 2003

Mad Boy follow the excellent advise from JP, If you want to find your operating system to back up on your computer then double click "My Computer" and look at the letter on your hard disk. Its more than likely "C"


  spikeychris 23:36 01 Feb 2003

Hi flecc

You were not there when I started banging these keys :o) Only popped in to see whats happening but I've seen your post (well I've glanced at your rendition of war and piece) I'll have a proper look in the morning....


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