1 Beep only on new MB and case...help please

  bof:) 19:54 13 Jan 2003
  bof:) 19:54 13 Jan 2003

Hi All,

Son number 1's PC would not give any beep codes or picture when turned on.Everything appears to power up though. We can see the HD/Fdisk and hear fan.

We took all we could from the none working PC and installed it into another. Everything worked fine. So, we decided it was probably the MB that was at fault.

We bought another MB (Gigabyte GA7DX) and installed it. No beeps at all, no picture. Contacted the local shop who suggested it could be the power supply...so purchased another case with 300 watt supply.

Fitted everything in, turned on and all we get is 1 long beep...repeated 7 times. No picture. Everything appears to power up.

So, we've replaced case,MB, put in 256mb DDr ram....also tried several different video cards...now really stuck.

As always all help will be gratefully recieved and acted upto.

many thanks,


  y_not 20:09 13 Jan 2003
  LastChip 20:13 13 Jan 2003

It's a CPU Error.

Try re-seating the CPU, and while your at it, clean out the heat-sink if required.

I can't guarantee this information is accurate, as different BIOS's produce different beep codes.

Do you get anything on the screen, (eg. Header and memory count), or is the screen totally blank?

  bof:) 20:31 13 Jan 2003

Hi All,

LastChip, screen is completely blank.

y_not... thanks for the list of beeps. What does

'PROCESSOR EXCEPTION INTERRUPT ERROR' mean? and how do you solve it?

Thanks again for such a fast response,


  LastChip 20:41 13 Jan 2003

and you are sure the Motherboard, Memory and Graphics card are OK, I would suggest the chances are above 95%, that you have a CPU fault.

Unfortunately, (at our level), the only way to check it is by substitution.

Do you have an old processor that is compatible with the MB you could try?

  mark3110 20:45 13 Jan 2003

Is it safe for us to assume that the cpu is properly fitted? heat sink, Heat Paste, etc?
What CPU is it?


  bof:) 21:58 13 Jan 2003

Hi All,

Just tried fitting the cpu from my own PC (the one I'm on now)....its an AMD 900mhz.

Got exectly the same result. PC powers up (we can hear the fan and HD starting and we can see the HD light on the case along with the floppy light flashes and cd rom and cd writer lights flash on.

I'm finding it hard to understand that we have put all parts exect for MB into another pc and everything worked.

We replaced the MB with brand new one and have replaced the case with a higher power supply. Still we get no picture and 7 long beeps.


  bof:) 22:05 13 Jan 2003

Hi all,

here's a list of everything we have on the PC:

Motherboard : Gigabyte GA7DX
RAM : 256 DDR
CPU : AMD 1.3 ghz Duron
H/D : Seagate 40Gig
video card : Nividia Gforce 3 PI200
Sound card : Sound blaster Live

The case and IDE cables are brand new purchased today.


  bof:) 22:06 13 Jan 2003

hi all,
we have also tried several video cards that work well in other PC's ans a spare one that we had.

  woodchip 22:11 13 Jan 2003

Have you set the jumpers for the cpu correctly

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