0844 numbers

  Night Ryder 22:52 29 Sep 2004

I read an article in a magazine recently that suggested that BT are trying to phase out 0844 numbers in favour of 0845 numbers for modem users. It further suggested that this change will ultimately cost more to the end user. Has anyone heard anything of this?

  Noelg23 23:17 29 Sep 2004

Yes I actually read it in the latest PCA mag..is that where you heard it too? I think its really bad that happening...but if you read closely you will see it mentions Supanet the internet service provided by Tiny. I work at BT faults and I had one customer ring up and ask me about this...I rang Tiny on his behalf and they couldnt really explain themself but since reading that article I can see why they couldnt say anything...but I have not heard anything from BTs side (we dont really get info like that) but to be honest I am not surprised and if it does end up costing the end user more then I think people will re-consider who they go with for dial up...or maybe its BTs way of getting more people to sign up to Broadband...you never know...

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