0 disk space unable to load win xp

  tdk 13:45 07 Nov 2006

I can't get win xp pro to start. It keep reboot and say 0 disk space to write error log! Please help. I've not much experience about pc system.Thank's very much guy.

  Graham. 13:49 07 Nov 2006

Keep pressing F8 when you switch on. This will give you some options to try.

  tdk 05:04 08 Nov 2006

I try pressing f8 and do everything i can but still doesn't work.It keeps run disk check then shutdown restart itself.Disks check come up with all drive.sys is multi(0)rdisk(0)disk(0)partition(1).0 allocation units available on disk. Error to write the output log.Anyone please help me. Do i have a seriouse problem with my winxp system files? Thanks so much.

  Iron Maiden 08:29 08 Nov 2006

Unless you have completely filled your disk, which is unlikely. Either your Master file table, Master boot record or Partition is corrupt. A reinstall with a complete deletion of the partition is in my opinion your best option, try this 1st..

When the disk check starts it should give the option to cancel by pressing any key, if it does what happens

  tdk 09:45 08 Nov 2006

Thanks for advise Graham and Iron Maiden. I forgot to tell you that I got virus in my pc and i just clean it up with avast anti virus before this happen. After that my disk space keep reduce even I try to clean up some program to clear disk space.Everytimes I restart my pc I lose half of my disk space.When disk check start I press delete,f8, f11 still doesn't work keep shutdow and restart and continue disk check all over again.I'm really want to reinstall with complete delete everythings and start fresh again but I don't know, how? I got only tiny knowledge about pc. Thanhs so much guys for your help. I'm really appreciate that.

  wee eddie 10:13 08 Nov 2006

You caught a virus and you used Avast to clear it. Is that right?

Could you describe what you have done, using which programs, and how up to date were they?

Someone will be able to put you on the right track.

  Iron Maiden 06:49 09 Nov 2006

This will tell you how

click here

  tdk 07:47 09 Nov 2006

yes,after I clean with Avast (I update this program day before so it wasn't old version). My disks space show I got 520 mb left on my c drive but when I shutdown restart my pc this time it's shown 200 mb left(my d drive is fine) so I decided to clear more space by disk defragmenter(even not enough space to do that,so clever,am I?).After i did that my pc show i got 0mb left on my c drive so i restart it, thought, i'll get my space back after restart. Now I know what I thought it's soooo wrong! I can't even get my pc start ,only get to check disk part. That's it and it's shut down and restart, check disk again. All over like this everytime I turn on pc.I really got no idea what I done to my pc.

  Graham. 08:15 09 Nov 2006

Try booting with the XP Pro CD in the drive. You may have to change the Boot order in BIOS.

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