XBOX Red Dead Redemption DLC Question

  Graphicool1 17:37 21 Aug 2010

Hi Does anyone know anything about red Dead Redemption Extra Download Content? The game makers 'RockStar' don't have a Forum. they only have something called a 'Social Club' and that doesn't seem to be the same.

I have a question about the extra content. You can download it, but only some of it is free. Can anyone tell me, regarding the paid for content, they are talking about 'Multi-player' and 'co-op' and that is on line play. Can I download it and play single person, off line.

If no-one know's, can someone point me at somewhere that I can find out. So I don't have to find out the hard way, by parting with my cash! ¦¬) G1

  gengiscant 08:52 22 Aug 2010

I do not have an Xbox, but will try to answer your question anyway.
If a download is extra multi-player or co-op then then it needs other on-line payers to be playing the map at the same time to have anything to shoot at. If you were to go in to the maps on your own, all you would be doing is wondering about with nothing to do.
With the PC we have lots of free content made by talented and not so talented armatures who make maps,both single player and multi-player. Obviously the single player is what it says.

As far as I can make out your game does not have any single-player DLC content, so unless you play multi-player or co-op, you are out of luck.
Why do you not have Silver membership? I know from another of your posts that you are not keen on paying.So silver would be OK?

  Graphicool1 11:21 22 Aug 2010

Being as you're the only one to respond on this subject I guesse I'm the only one in this situation? Although it seems unlikely!

I AM a SILVER member, but as yet I haven't connected my XBOX to the Net. There's no point if I can't play the games off line on my own.

I now know the answer to an earlier post regarding DLC...I CAN get them on Silver and as such don't have to pay for GOLD. You only need to pay for GOLD if you want to play on line.

Further to the...'I haven't yet connected XBOX to SIVER on line'...This is because all the methods they suggest involve plugging an ethernet cable from the XBOX to the router/modem. But this poses another little problem, in that my router/modem is with my desktop PC, in a room far away from the TV. However, I think it was you who gave me a link to some instruction on connecting a wireless - (my wifes) - laptop, to the xbox via an eternet cable.

Even so, there is no point in connecting to the Net, if it isn't going to do what I want it to?

  gengiscant 12:46 22 Aug 2010

I would imagine that there will be other games that do create single-player DLC so if I were you I would get connected.
It is no matter that the router is in another room. Mine is right beside the main phone socket and this PC is a room or so away.My wifes PC is also not near the router.
It is a simple procedure to run an Ethernet cable to your Xbox or even go wireless.

click here
click here

  Graphicool1 12:57 22 Aug 2010

If I choose to go down that route and change my wife's lappy settings, to setup the Bridge connection. At such times when I don't want to be on the Net with it. Do I just remove the Ethernet Cable from the lappy or do I have to change the Bridge settings back and forth, each time?

  gengiscant 13:10 22 Aug 2010

Sorry, but I am not sure why you want to connect to your wifes laptop, you can connect the Xbox direct to the router.
click here
Apologies if I am missing something.

  Graphicool1 14:05 22 Aug 2010

"you can connect the Xbox direct to the router"

Yes, I am aware of this, but as I said the wireless router and the TV - that the XBOX uses - are very far apart. That is why my intention was/is to use my wife's laptop in the same room as the TV and xbox. Instead of doing what xbox would have me do which is buy their wireless adapter for £50!

I think the confusion is with the fact that when you play on line games, you play via your PC monitor. But when I play it's via the TV screen. My PC has a 17" CRT Monitor, whereas the TV is much larger.

Sometime in the next few weeks we intend getting a 32" LED HD TV. Which should be even better for both playing games and watching DVD's.

  gengiscant 14:17 22 Aug 2010

My apologies,so is an long ethernet cable out of the question then?

  Graphicool1 14:45 22 Aug 2010

I didn't realise they came in different lengths? I have two and they are both around 4ft.

I've just been on eBay I've seen one 50ft at £9 inc post. This could be the answer. My wife doesn't really like the idea of having her laptop wireless connections tampered with.

  gengiscant 14:56 22 Aug 2010

As I said my Pc is a couple of rooms away, so have an ethernet cable running along the skirting and under carpets same for the wife,then our laptops + Wii just use the wireless connection. All works fine
I buy my cables from Ebay.

  Graphicool1 14:57 22 Aug 2010

If so I'll send for one now...

Belkin Fastcat 5e Networking Ethernet Cable 50ft RJ45 BNIB


For Use With PS3 And Xbox

A premium quality 50-foot RJ45 male-to-male Category 5e patch cable / Innovative snagless terminations / Blue color

If you take the electrical concept..."Path of Least Resistance" and engineer it into an actual product, that would be the Belkin FastCAT 5e Network patch cable.
The "FastCAT 5e" is the cable that makes straight the path to every destination, connecting all Hardware in a Local Area Network (LAN)
The Belkin A3L850 RJ45 FastCat 5e Patch provides extra headroom over the standard Cat 5e cable, making it a no-brainer for cabling Application in 10/100/1000 Base-T networks.
This blue, fifty foot UTP male-to-male patch cable includes 4 pairs of Discrete copper
Exceeds the performance requirements of Category 5e.
Features 50-micron Gold plated connectors, assuring a clean and clear transmission
Product is guaranteed for life
PowerSum tested for quality assurance

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