XBOX 360 Elite Console?

  jackthelad71 20:09 21 Nov 2008

Does the Exbox360 Elite Console have connectins for a PC that does not have a HDMI socket though
I do have a DVI to HDMI Converter that could go into my soundcards two DVIs I have a Gforce 8800GTS PCI EXPRESS + DVI + TVOUT.will this take it. I will appreaciate any advice. jackthelad71.

  MCE2K5 01:39 22 Nov 2008

"I will appreaciate any advice": I could help, If only I could understand what you are trying to achieve.

From what you said, It sounds like you want to connect an Xbox360 to the PC's Graphics Card.

  longjohn75 18:34 22 Nov 2008

Thanks for your reply, Iwant to buy an XBOX360
Elite. But from what I can find out they have a
Scart Lead to connect to a TV.also an HDMI lead
for HD. a computer does not have these, so where do I connect a XBOX360Elite? or any other Console.
I am sorry I did not make this clear. I am 78years of age so get mixed up sometimes.I hope you can help me to understand how to start Gaming.

  MCE2K5 21:06 22 Nov 2008

Have you changed your name.

Will you be connecting the xbox360 to a TV or Monitor.

As standard, The Xbox 360 Elite comes with an HDMI Cable like this click here=

Also a Multi AV Cable is supplied like click here for Y, Pr, Pb phono connectors and composite video phono connectors.

To connect to a VGA (Computer) Monitor you will need to buy one of these click here as they are not standard supplied equipment.

  MCE2K5 21:32 22 Nov 2008

Plus a Scart adaptor that connects to the composite video phono connectors.

  longjohn75 16:19 23 Nov 2008

Thanks for the advice, I use a 22 inch LCD Monitor
that has a VGA & DVI connections from the PC
I use the DVI for the PC so I assume I could also use the VGA for the Games Console using one of the adaptors you showed me (as long as I don't try to use both PC & Games at the same time.
Though I am not sure if the PHONO would connect to the XBOX360, as there are no PHONO connections on the Monitor or the PC?. jackthelad71.

  longjohn75 16:39 23 Nov 2008

I noticed that the reveiw by Spudboy on the
GameSeek advert for the connector cable, he mentions an XBOX Phono Adaptor with 360?.
jackthelad. (Sorry about using the other name!!!.)

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