xbox 360?

  scooter1957 14:45 09 Dec 2008

Hi out there could anybody tell me there are 3 models of the xbox 360 do they all play the games the same i just what one to play games on will the arcade look and sound the same as the more expensive ones i am not a big gamer i have a ps2 at the moment which is three years old now i do not really what a blue ray player so i am thinking of a xbox360 what does anybody think
Cheers Alan

  scooter1957 18:57 09 Dec 2008

Thanks all that as help a lot Cheers Alan

  grey george 16:59 09 Dec 2008

If you don't get a hard drive you can't save so have to start from the beginning every time(that is why its called arcade). Do you want wireless handsets if not go for the cheaper wired one. There has been a on going issue with 360's overheating. This means send it back to MS for repair, they have extended the warranty to three years to cover this particular fault. Extra cooling fans are recommended.

  Si_L 15:22 09 Dec 2008

Or check out good old Wikipeida: click here

  Si_L 15:20 09 Dec 2008

Check their site out: click here

It has a comparison chart.

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