Worth upgrading for gaming??

  Mattydread 13:31 01 Sep 2009

Hi all. I am hoping someone will be able to provide me with a little guidance.
On an evening I've been enjoying relaxing and playing on my ps3, however now my girlfriend has claimed the tv back most evenings, and, rather than take the ps3 up and down stairs I decided to try a few games on my pc. (Only ever previously used for running Autocad). Whilst I really enjoy pc games I'm finding they're not running as smoothly as I would like. I will list my pc specification and if anyone could advise as to upgrades I could make to bring it inline with my ps3 this would be much appreciated. (Oh I don't really wanna spend more than £3/400 on upgrades =-) )
Right my pc is a:

AMD Phenom AM3 X4 810 quad core processor
4gb Corsair memory
1TB Western Digital harddrive (7200rpm)
GE Force GTS 250 512mb

Am guessing I really oughta prioritize the upgrade of the harddrive and graphics card for decent gaming? But are these worth upgrading with the processor only being 2.66ghz? Or would I also need to upgrade/overclock this?
Is this system worth upgrading for gaming or am I better just buying another ps3??
Thankyou so much in advance for your help

Matt =-)

  Si_L 13:32 01 Sep 2009

Those are good specs, which games are not running smoothly?

  Mattydread 14:13 01 Sep 2009

Hi thankyou for the reply! Have only actually tried ARMA2 and World in conflict but have found with both that the detail has to be set to fairly low to achieve a reasonably smooth experience.
Also the harddrive seems to be quite noisy when playing these games as though it's struggling, or is it the processor?
Windows7 rates my system performance as only a 4.5 i think this is because of the slowish processor, or could it be the harddrive? lol
Thanks for the help =-)


  Mattydread 16:36 01 Sep 2009

If i was to buy a fast hard drive, and some fast RAM, would I still be held back by the processor?
Also to upgrade graphics would it be best to buy another 250 GTS 512mb or buy a faster 1gb card? Any recommendations?
Hoping someone can remind me how to make pc gaming worthwhile!

Thousand thankyous

Matt =-)

  Rigga 17:30 01 Sep 2009

The GTS 250 is a reasonable card so, What's the spec of your monitor, i.e what resolution are you running the games at.

You should be getting quite good frame rates in World of Conflict > click here < unless you're running a 30"+ monitor.


  mrwoowoo 18:16 01 Sep 2009

Totally agree with Rigga.Your system should be capable of running those games at high settings.
As for your processor,it's a good processor for gaming.
Could the noise be your DVD drive on the way out,thus having trouble accessing the game disc and slowing things down?
Did games run slow before you upgraded to Windows 7? Windows 7 does seem to have some probs with gaming on certain systems which will be addressed with future updates.
Have you got the latest driver for your graphics card and the latest patches for the games?
I would ignore the upgrade option as throwing money away unneccessarily with no guarentee of success.

  Mattydread 18:37 01 Sep 2009

Hi and thanks for the replies. I have all the latest drivers etc for sure.
Not sure how gaming would've gone before windows7 as i only used it for CAD. I mean it's not too bad for gaming seems to kind of flicker and stutter at times, n even crashed once, maybe this is just cos I'm used to playing ps3? I have an LG 22" monitor n have been trying to play games at 1650x1050 tho now am realising it has to be lower resolutions.
Is gaming better on an HD tv?
Thanks for the advice =-)

  mrwoowoo 22:15 01 Sep 2009

Try lowering or even turning off anti liasing in your game settings first.
Should make a big difference.

  citadel 16:34 02 Sep 2009

install patches for games, for armed assault 2 patch 1.3

  Devil Fish 20:38 02 Sep 2009

if you have udpdated the graphics driver using windows 7 updates windows 7 try rolling it back to the previous version thier have been some issues with the updated version

  Mattydread 10:08 04 Sep 2009

Yeah well think am sorted now, been up (regretably!!) till the early hours the last two nights playing Arma2! what a game!!??
Patches made a massive difference to Arma2, as did using the default video settings rather than trying to max em out.
Guess am a pc gamer again!
Thanx guys =-)

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