Worst ever

  Marko797 12:32 16 Jun 2008

OK, we've done 'top 3', and 'most anticipated', but what was ur worst buying decision on games?

Mine has to be Gunman Chronicles.

Being a Halflife nut, I (naively) thought that everything produced by them (Sierra) would be superb. Just shows how wrong u can be and what drivel they sometimes leak out on the poor unsuspecting gaming public.

Despite this, I did actually complete it, but it got thrown out afterwards.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:03 23 Jun 2008

1/. Doom 3

2/. Stalker

3/. Crysis

  Acx 19:05 23 Jun 2008

I think I had just finished something like Quake2, looked around for something else to play, tried Unreal and just couldn't get in to it (compared to the likes of Doom/Quake etc).

Resident Evil
To hard to save the game (didn't you have to spend half your time finding a save point or something)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:06 23 Jun 2008

worst ever

Maybe just didn't live up to the hype, and left with the feeling that the marketing bods had got one over on me.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 19:09 23 Jun 2008

I thought I ought to try and then wondered why I bothered (please forgive me Wolfie) was Halo. Not a bad game but I felt the weapons needed a turbo button or something. They just seemed wimpy.

  kalignorgna 09:33 24 Jun 2008

yes I did and on top of that you spend the entrie game gettin killed due to the aiming system, dont think they ever improved it ever altough silent hill was just as imposable to play

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