Worst ever

  Marko797 12:32 16 Jun 2008

OK, we've done 'top 3', and 'most anticipated', but what was ur worst buying decision on games?

Mine has to be Gunman Chronicles.

Being a Halflife nut, I (naively) thought that everything produced by them (Sierra) would be superb. Just shows how wrong u can be and what drivel they sometimes leak out on the poor unsuspecting gaming public.

Despite this, I did actually complete it, but it got thrown out afterwards.

  crosstrainer 13:33 16 Jun 2008

Oblivion and the Shivering Isles expansion pack (still shrink wrapped)

Area 51

GTA Vice City

Couldn't get on with any of them!

  Marko797 13:42 16 Jun 2008

tomb raider to my original post - I cud not get on with the controls at all, so binned the game.

  crosstrainer 14:12 16 Jun 2008

Agreed, good story and graphics....uncontrollable.

  wolfie3000 18:33 16 Jun 2008

For me its any game made by Ubisoft,
There games are too tactical.

1, Brothers in arm road to hill 30
2, Splintercell Chaos theory
3, SWAT 4

All made by Ubisoft i might add.

  mrwoowoo 19:09 16 Jun 2008

Whoaa! you two are so wrong,IMHO (o:!
Original Tomb raider was excellent with great and easy to use controls.
Area 51,i really enjoyed.So much better than the follow up,Blacksite area 51.
Right,3 worst.
1. Brothers in arms
2. Red faction
3. Rome total war

  Legolas 19:14 16 Jun 2008

Totally agree concerning Tomb Raider the first 4 are excellent and easy to control the last two are impossible to control I gave up on the last one half way through

  Earthsea 19:20 16 Jun 2008

I really like Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, but I suppose you have to be a sneak-em-up fan to appreciate it.

Can't think of a worst PC game at the moment, so I'll say Pizza Pete on the Commodore 16. It was full of bugs and would crash every 5 minutes. Totally unplayable and probably the worst software I've ever encountered.

  Marko797 20:24 16 Jun 2008

can't believe u said 'any game made by ubisoft'.

Far Cry was by those guys n it's a popular 'top game'!

  belfman 23:18 16 Jun 2008

Scene It for the 360....

Hangs head in shame, the wife made me do it.

It got on the system once and then exchanged as "faulty" by the nice chap at Zavvi ;) who gave me Ninja Gaiden 2 for it instead.

  Acx 10:21 17 Jun 2008

There are one or two games I have started, couldn't get into and have never finished.

Most noticeable are
Resident Evil

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