World of Warcraft latency and vista/wireless isp

  AdviseMe1 13:37 08 Jun 2009

Got this very annoying issue with playing world of warcraft at the moment. Latency. I can log into game fine and sometimes even get to play for an hour or 2 with latencies between 150-300 ms, which is not great but manageable. However there are many times when the latencies jump to anything from 2000-12000 ms and stick there for hours,which is a nightmare. I have tried all the fixes suggested everywhere else, including the registry TcpAckFrequency fix (which gave 100ms drop). I am a bit baffled at the moment because the spikes seem to come for no apparent reason. There could be even 30 players around me and that dosent effect my latency. I have a 3 wireless connection that has a consistent signal strength of 4/5 bars on hspda, and that doesn't change when i get the spikes. Blizzard can't help, 3 broadband can't help. All my other internet functions work fine as well as other online games. Im at a loss at how to get this fixed properly. Can any 1 help me solve this???

  Forum Editor 18:28 08 Jun 2009

from Networking to the Games forum - someone there will be along to answer your question.

  kalignorgna 10:36 09 Jun 2009

have you tryed reinstalling the game? also is wow added to your allowed list on your firewall?

  Mr Mistoffelees 07:12 11 Jun 2009

Is the 3 Broadband 3G? My partner's daughter tried using 3G on 3 for a time, before moving house. She found the service made WoW just about unplayable because of latency and disconnections.

  AdviseMe1 14:27 12 Jun 2009

Wow is in my firewall exceptions list already, i opened up tcp ports for the game as well. I have been told that it is just due to heavy traffic on my net connection and on the wow servers between peak times.

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:03 12 Jun 2009

I get server lag at peak times, most notable in busy areas. Latency is not affected and stays around 80>120ms all day.

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