gengiscant 15:28 20 Aug 2009

Got my copy today,preorder,and with my limited play seems quite exiting,graphics excellent,game play so far has been good,got to find gold and intelligence as well as the main story.
Am still playing Fallout 3 DLC so will not get back to Wolfenstein for a bit.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 21:35 20 Aug 2009

just started playing, only problem is that I can't work out how to have saved games as different individuals (e.g. me, wife, son) at the same time? the game seems to autosave so unless you note down the time and date of your last save game I can see problems in our household!
Agree about the graphics, autodetected our pc and set everything to max/high @ 1680x1050 (native res)which was nice seeing the processor is an elderly c2d e6400 (o/c to 2.4ghz)and sli'd o/c 9600gts. Runs sweet as a nut and as pc is decidedly low/mid range now, I don't think many people will have problems running this.

  mrwoowoo 21:41 22 Aug 2009

Sometimes you can create create a different profile in the game menu for each player.
Just need to finish Call of Juarez bound in blood then it's Wolfenstein next.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:14 23 Aug 2009

I've had a look but can't see a way. Also seems to be a bit strange loading and saving, doesn't always seem to load the last save. Checked the reviews and seems this is a known issue. That said it's good fun, a bit of light relief after FC2 and Crysis!

  crosstrainer 20:00 23 Aug 2009

must be better than the one I downloaded from my xbox...***P

  gengiscant 09:58 24 Aug 2009

I've downloaded all 5,the first one Operation Anchorage was c*** ,the second The Pitt,not bad,the third,Broken Steel have only played a little as I have started the game again following a total reinstall.The other 2 Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta have yet to play.

Fallout three is still my favorite game ever,this is my third play and still finding new places and things to do.

So Wolfenstein will have to wait.

  crosstrainer 10:04 24 Aug 2009

Do any of your Wolfenstein games play in 16.9 high def? I only purchased the original. and it's just pixels.

  kalignorgna 13:36 24 Aug 2009

Playing this game now on PS3 fun game but turning out to be a bit short and way to easy. I’m playing on uber at mo and although i die quickly enough when hit the quick saves and game AI make it to easy, and once you know how to kill then plasma trooper and assassins it all kicks into place I.e. rifle and tree well placed shorts or empty a clip or two. had the game on friday and i'm already 75% finished :( boss battles are brill and you gota love runing round with a plasma gun :)

  mrwoowoo 23:59 26 Aug 2009

Just had a quick look and i think you are right.
Doesn't appear to be a way of having multiple profiles or saves.My two boys won't be pleased either if that's the case.
Never been one for cut scenes,but the opening one in Wolfenstein is rather good.

  mrwoowoo 00:48 27 Aug 2009

"Do any of your Wolfenstein games play in 16.9 high def?"
Wolfenstein(2009 game) plays at 1440x900 and 16.10.
I think the original was made about 1992,so no wonder it's all pixelated if that's the one you downloaded.(O:!

  crosstrainer 09:24 27 Aug 2009

:)) That will teach me!! Got a whole bunch of people arriving over the next 2 day's. so gaming will have to go on hold for a while..

Amongst them is a five star chef....Happy day's! No cooking for me..feet up etc :))

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