Which Xbox 360 package

  VNAM75 22:41 23 Feb 2009

The arcade system with street fighter 4 is £145 at Game, which seems like a very good deal. I know you can get versions with hard drives but are these worth it as they cost a lot more?

I'm not really keen on online gaming but would I be missing out on a lot? Should I get the basic system (arcade) with the bundled game for £145 or is there a better deal anywhere else? click here

Are there any problems with the current xbox? I heard some units froze? And what is the game selection like compared to the ps3? I'm interested in action/fighting (but not FPS like Halo) and sports games.

  citadel 23:03 23 Feb 2009

the latest xbox has the jasper chip and redesigned motherboard uses less power and runs cooler, this should stop the red ring of death that happened on the previous version. so get a xbox that is new stock

  dagnammit 09:21 24 Feb 2009

360 isn't good for fighting/action games due to the horrible d-pad... the ps3 version of SFIV is outselling the xbox version.

If you're not into FPS style games then I'm afraid I wouldn't recommend the 360 as that's it's strong point.

The majority of the xbox's hardware faults have been fixed by the way, except it's still noisy as hell. So don't worry about red rings and what not... give it loads of space and you'll be fine.

To get round the noise there's an option to install the game to the hard drive. Each disk game is aout 4gb in size so I'd recommend getting the pro console at least.

I have the 360 60gb pro and an 80gb PS3.

  VNAM75 14:31 24 Feb 2009

Oh, thats disappointing about the noise. I might wait for the ps3 to go down in price (or will it?) You can get them free with some high end mobile contracts?

I checked out gears of war 2 on youtube, I don't know if thats classed as fps, but I loved it! You could see your character and not just the tip of the weapon/gun. Plus it has that arcade feel. I used to have half life on the pc and halo on xbox 1 and didn't like either despite all the hype.

  dagnammit 20:37 24 Feb 2009

Rumour has it that a price drop will occur after March (PS3's 2nd Birthday!) and the hype from Killzone 2 lessens.

  citadel 20:57 24 Feb 2009

have a look at the window in the box packaging for 12v-12.1A this will be a jasper.

  VNAM75 23:35 25 Feb 2009

Street fighter's coming out in May for the PC. I have an amd 3800 single core, x1950 pro, 2gb ram. No idea if it will be able to handle it though.

  retep888 02:48 26 Feb 2009

I think your PC should be good enough to run it,anyway it's just a good looking fighter game.

The X1950 pro was a good muscle card at it's time.

  dagnammit 12:23 26 Feb 2009

Well the game is attrocious.

Jaggy graphics, crap load times and the game AI just repeatedly does 2 super moves... worse than a playing against a button masher.

Much prefer my other fighters - Soul Calibur 4 and MK V DCU.

  VNAM75 02:08 03 Mar 2009

Not as good as I thought then.

My x1950 pro has 512mb and was a replacement for a 6600gt 128mb so I could run rome/medieval war which it could. But it struggles with supreme commander though.

  dagnammit 08:39 03 Mar 2009

I'm trading it in today. I'll lose £10 on it. Better that than break a DS3 worth £40 in frustration!

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