what's your top non-gun related pc games of all time?

  theDarkness 17:15 11 Aug 2008

The pc overdoes it with the gun genre, so im wondering what other users favorites might be when not fps/gun related for pc games? Im guessing if anyone replies ill just see never ending lists for point and click or online rpgs.. Lol! For originality i would recommend Startopia, grim fandango, and perhaps the first sims game. X-com/UFO enemy unknown (also on ps1, that is, if you can find it!) is also a pc favourite of mine, although i would be breaking the rules of it not being gun related. it doesnt run on modern pcs anyway! .. and the ps1 version was superior :) :-P

  jellyhead 18:38 11 Aug 2008

Lemmings kept me amused for hours back on the Amiga,rediscovered them recently and showed the kids.

  User2008 18:38 11 Aug 2008

Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude.

Hilariously funny, and I'm looking forward to the sequel being released.

  roddypoddy 19:09 11 Aug 2008

The first Broken Sword,utterly brilliant,And GPL.

  mrwoowoo 19:13 11 Aug 2008

Non gun,are you crazy? Lol
Are sports and racing games allowed?
Mind you i'm not a great fan of those genres anyway so...
1. Pitfall the lost expedition
2. Assassins creed
3. Portal
PS1 and 2
1. Project zero 1 and 2(AKA Fatal frame)
2. Crash bandicoot
3. Ape escape

  Armchair 19:24 11 Aug 2008

1) Zuma - a very addictive 'puzzle' game.

2) Scrabble 2005 - excellent version.

3) Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper - plenty of butchery!

4) Age of Mythology - my favourite RTS.

5) Risk 2 - there are guns in this excellent version of the boardgame, but it's a relaxing turn-based favourite of mine, so I'm going to list it anyway.

  citadel 20:03 11 Aug 2008

all the total war from shogun onwards, homeworld 1 and 2

  Spook Tooth 21:50 11 Aug 2008

ES IV Oblivion: bow and arrow was my favourite weapon for a non-gun game. Does this count?

My memory's not very good but there must be plenty of non game games that have been really good. GT 2 on PS One comes to mind. Not much else though. Damn. Hmm. Gauntlet? Everyone's a Wally and Stormbringer on the ZX Spectrum... Loads of non-gun games on that platform.

  Si_L 23:45 11 Aug 2008

The PC is the best for shooters, using the mouse is a million times better for aiming than a joypad.

Anyway, the best non shooter is Pro Evolution Soccer. Fact.

  Coltch 08:11 12 Aug 2008

1. Thief: The Dark Project (sneaky Bow & Arrow fun!)
2. Planescape Torment
3. GTR2
4. TES4: Oblivion

I could probably list a load more but it would probably take up too much space!

  day2strike 14:50 12 Aug 2008

Theme Hospital
ToCA Race Driver 2

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