What is your favorite Final Fantasy game?

  jonasmarsh621 02:49 27 Dec 2012

I have always wondered about this for a while now. As we all know, the Final Fantasy series has been one of the best RPG games in the world. If you were to choose one, what is the best final fantasy for you?

Mine would have to be Final Fantasy 8 since I am a big Squall fan. I know, most of people would say its FF7 but for me its FF8. What do you guys think?

  Vain 13:45 28 Dec 2012

My favourite FF of all time would be IX. The story and game design was one of the best they've done for Final Fantasy. I love the sound track as well. Nobuo Uematsu is a fantastic composer as well.

  jonasmarsh621 00:57 08 Jan 2013

I have to to give props to FFIX. Their storyline and sound track is super cool. Good choice Vain.

  Chazzyb17 15:06 08 Jan 2013

i love all the final fantasy's up to 10.

but i think my favorite at the moment has to be 6

  jonasmarsh621 02:32 16 Jan 2013

I would have loved FF6 had I known about the Final Fantasy franchise when I was a tad bit younger. Since my first FF series was FFVII and the graphics were good back then.

  jemyclarke 10:23 14 Feb 2013

There are lots FF games which I like most but FF-12 is my personal favorite. Loved the complex battle engine, the many different environment, and all of the fun side quests. The story and the antagonist needed some work, but I still love that game.

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