The top 10 must own/have PC games

  iqs 19:56 09 Sep 2008

I own 24 PC games,so here my top 10

Unreal Tournament 3,nice tin
Half Life 2
Outrun Coast 2 Coast
Assassins Creed
Blazing Angels 2

Whats yours???


  Si_L 20:03 09 Sep 2008

PES 2008
Counterstrike: Source
Age Of Empires 2
IL2 Sturmovik
Worms 2
Company of Heroes

  citadel 20:55 09 Sep 2008

medeval total war 2
half life
deux ex
operation flashpoint
hostile waters
ground control
supreme commander
company of heroes

  Coltch 08:02 10 Sep 2008

Planscape Torment
Assassins Creed
TES IV: Oblivion
PES 2008
Battlefield 2
Thief: The Dark Project
Shogun Total War

  kalignorgna 08:43 10 Sep 2008

Ok this is hard as I have around 120 pc games
01: Planscape Torment - best RPG ever
02: Carmogeden 1 - legendary car game
03: Unreal and UT (originals)
04: Age of Empires 2 Age of Kings and Conquers
05: Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun
06: Command & Conquer: Red Alert, (original)
07: Starcraft
08: Doom 3
09: Serious Sam the second encounter
10: World of Warcraft

  iqs 19:31 10 Sep 2008

Hi,and thanks for your top 10's.

I thought that maybe Gears Of War/Mass Effect/Devil May Cry 4 and The Orange Box would of been listed??.


  Coltch 08:04 11 Sep 2008

The trouble with some of the new games that have come out is they are all eye candy and have little or no substance.

Although Planescape Torment isn't graphically amazing the depth of the story is.

I still prefer playing some of the games that came out years ago as there is more depth too them (apart from Crysis which still makes my system chug in DX10 mode!).

  kalignorgna 08:21 11 Sep 2008

I would of added Gears Of War to my list but only have it on 360, and console games get boring after a wile, maybe I should get it for pc I might enjoy it more.

  iqs 20:09 11 Sep 2008

I agree,console do get boring.I recently sold my PS3,now its only PC games.

Shortly I will buy Gears of War,it looks and sounds impressive,but a little expensive at present

  iqs 20:10 11 Sep 2008

should read

console games do get boring quickly

  Inept Pig 20:26 12 Sep 2008

Don't agree - I like consoles, the 360s back-catalogue of cheap retro titles make it fun for all of those that grew up amongst those games in the Arcades (Golden Axe, et al - although some of them haven't aged very well at all).

Pus, the 360's achievement points are horribly addictive, as is comparing your scores with your friends with very little in the way of effort.

But that doesn't meant that I don't rate the PC as a gaming machine either - it has the ability to be fantastic, although I don't think Vista helped things at all...

So, top 10:

1 - Battlefield 2
2 - World in Conflict
3 - Sid Miers' Pirates
4 - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
5 - System Shock 2
6 - Half Life 2, Portal, et al.
7 - Mafia
8 - Hidden and Dangerous 2
9 - Mount & Blade
10 - Any Lucasarts Adventure (Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle...)

For the record, Gears of War is pretty - but the gameplay is repetitive, and the duck, cover, fire gameplay could be said to be roughly the same as that which we experienced in Space Invaders all those years ago - merely with the added 'story', and a bit of graphical gloss.

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