Tombraider part 2.

  gengiscant 08:09 04 Jun 2009

Finished Underworld and about halfway through Anniversary,which got me to thinking about my gaming life.
For me it started with the Playstation 1,now I am the wrong side of 50 so one would have thought I would have had more mundane hobbies at my age.
Anyway progresses to the Xbox but as stated couldn't manage the controllers and by that time had got a PC so tried a game,Serious Sam 1.I was hooked.I couldn't get enough of FPS'S,still love them.
Getting back to how it all started, went and bought a PS 1 on Ebay with 12 games.

1 Syphon Filter 2 on 2 disc's

2 Tenchu Stealth Assassins

3 Tomb Raider 3

4 Alien Trilogy

5 Rayman

6 Formula 1 97

7 O.D.T

8 Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone

9 Army Men

10 Arcades Greatest Hits - loads of games on 1 disk

11 Spider-Man

12 Spider-Man 2

I am really looking forward to ALIEN TRILOGY as it was the first game,PC or console I played.

Due to illness have a bit of time to fill up so playing these games is something I can now do without upsetting the better half.

Bring it on!!!!!!

  mrwoowoo 16:47 04 Jun 2009

Serious Sam? What a mental game that was.I have never known a game so hectic...Loved it.
May just get serious Sam 2 as i had forgot about that.
Getting on for 50 myself and the wife calls me a big kid because i enjoy gaming.
I don't care .I just suck my thumb and sulk.(O:!
If you like it,do it.
One of the first games i had was resident evil (PS1).When the dogs jumped through the window at me i actually dropped the controller.It made me jump that much.
Been hooked on survival horrors ever since.
The most under rated game ever was Project zero.
A strange concept but an amazing game.I just wish i had a PS2 to play Project zero 2 on.

  Kevscar1 19:03 04 Jun 2009

55 next month First game was Operaton Market Garden on 48k Spectrum.

  Colin 21:58 05 Jun 2009

I started in 1991 with a Mega Drive and then moved to PC's in the late 90's. Had a Play Station for a bit but went back to PC games. I like most games but can't get on with RPG's or playing online. I tried Unreal Tournament 2003 online once and was getting obliterated every 5 seconds from someone who was probably 12 years old! I’m currently playing Sensible Soccer on the PC when not playing Tomb Raider. Played Sensible Soccer on the Mega Drive and was hooked.

  ordep 20:11 11 Jun 2009

My first PC game was Tombraider 2. Absolutely fell in love with it. Played every one since then many times up until they change the engine, TR Legend was it?.
Couldn't stand it, the new controls had LC jigging about all over the place like some demented puppet on a string. Fell out of love with it at that point.

Far Cry, defanetly in my top 3 best games ever. Just finish Far Cry 2, another great game. Started Crysis but, had to reformat so lost my save games, will be starting it again soon. CoD Modern Warfare on the computer at the mo, again played them all up to now but, I cant seem to get into this one.
Draw my pension this year, and still enjoying gaming.

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