gengiscant 11:22 31 May 2009

Just got Tombraider Underworld and Anniversary,apart from some iffy PC controls,(just cannot use a game pad,no matter how I try),and really enjoying them both.

Makes a change from my usual diet of gungho shooting and killing.

  Colin 15:01 31 May 2009

I am currently playing Anniversary and have played all the previous games several times. I switched to a game pad for Legend and I would now not go back to using the keyboard. I was anti gamepad for games like these, but I bought an X-Box wireless controller for windows and it’s excellent. No need to remap the keys at all and you can sit further away from the screen which is helpful.
With regard to Tomb Raider games in general, I enjoy them all. I’ve just finished TR1 with Glidos and the texture packs from the Glidos website – it was great. Works on Vista no problem. No I’m playing Anniversary; I’m please to see that it’s more than just a rewrite of TR1 but is very similar. I’m looking forward to Underworld when I’ve finished Anniversary. MY favourite is TR2 and the Venice level is the best.

  crosstrainer 17:17 31 May 2009

You are a better man than I sir! I loved the graphics, but can't cope with the keyboard commands, and like you, I can't use a pad controller either :((

  mrwoowoo 19:56 31 May 2009

"MY favourite is TR2 and the Venice level is the best."
Boy,did i struggle with that.I believe that was the level with the timer running in which you had to speed of in a boat to finish the level.
I kept going the wrong way.)O:!
TR1 still has a special place in my heart as it was the first PS1 game i ever played.TR2 was excellent though.I thought it went slightly downhill after that but i've still played the whole series though.
TR1 and Crash bandicoot....Happy days.

  Colin 21:49 01 Jun 2009

mrwoowoo - I agree. TR3, 4 & Chronicles were OK but not great like TR1 & 2. A lot of people disliked Angel of Darkness but I really enjoyed it. I've only ever played games on a PC but I imagine the Play Station versions are pretty similar.

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