Titan Quest on XP Crashes

  BigRik 20:14 23 Oct 2008

I bought Titan Quest for one of my boys today from PC World. Part of a buy 2, get the third free deal. Checked the specs required before purchase obviously. No problem there.

The game installed fine, and runs the intro fine too. But during play, a couple of minutes in, after the character stops to talk to another, the game crashes at the same point in the sentence.

I can't see a blemish on the disk, and the drive is fine. I've updated to the latest Nvidia driver, though I wasn't that far behind anyway.

So, should I go back for an exchange, or is there something I might have missed?

  citadel 21:18 23 Oct 2008

see if there has been a patch released by the maker as these fix problems such as crashes etc. titan quest patch into google should do the trick.

  Marko797 21:20 23 Oct 2008

and look for a patch. Developers sometimes rush to get a game out and then release patches for it a short time afterwards.

I played this yrs ago, it's a good game, but it was prone to the occasional crash. The patches however solved the problem, so that's ur best bet.

Can't remember the developers name (is it TNT/THQ or something?), but check the game packaging and it should tell u.

Hope this is of use (if not just google) click here

  Marko797 21:33 23 Oct 2008

beat me to it citadel.

Anyway, this might be of better help - seems there's been quite a few patches for this game - click here;downloads

  BigRik 22:34 23 Oct 2008

Thanks for that guys.

I've patched the game right up to the latest available, but it's still crashing, although it went at a different point this time.

Anything else?

  mrwoowoo 23:09 23 Oct 2008

A bit complicated to explain this,so i'll provide a link to a forum.
Seems you may have to delete a few save points.
click here

  BigRik 12:12 24 Oct 2008

Thanks for the link mrwoowoo. I tried the first thing Harm mentioned in that forum, but it was still crashing. I stopped short of his second suggestion, as I don't think you should have to go to such lengths to try and get a game to work. Perhaps Titan Quest just doesn't agree with my PC for whatever reason, so I've took it back, with a disappointed boy it has to be said, and he's changed it for Dark Messiah Might and Magic. I'm about to install it so hopefully a bit more luck this time!

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