Thoughts on the 4chan community?

  Adam2605 16:47 01 Dec 2010

Be honest guys and no spamming pointless memes please :).

  spuds 16:52 01 Dec 2010

I promise not to spam, if you tell me what is the 4chan community?.

  interzone55 16:52 01 Dec 2010

My thoughts

kiddies at play, doing just what kiddies do.

Sometimes it can be quite witty, other times downright rude, bordering on illegal.

I feel sorry for some of the girls who have their photos splattered all over the net after their "boyfriends" post them on the boards...

  interzone55 16:53 01 Dec 2010

You really don't want to know...

  lotvic 13:38 02 Dec 2010

Hello and Merry Christmas to:
Adam2605 aka timsmith259 aka ronalddonald
(and several other temp ones)

  wolfie3000 16:15 02 Dec 2010

Ok il have a bash at this.

4Chan was a website with one thing in mind, anonymity.

Started around 2005 by Chris Poole (M00T) it was pretty much an underground website for many years, but then once the media found out about the site 4Chans members grew.

Most people when encountering 4Chan goto the sub section known as /b/ and discover the memes and other childish stuff,
But 4Chan is alot more than just childish memes and idiocy,

The site covers all sorts of interests from photography to anime and much more.

Out of 4Chan grew Anonymous, a collective of like minded people who have known to hack websites and pull pranks,

But they became famous for there biggest on going "Raid" so far Scientology,
you just have to google Scientology to see the huge impact they had.

But as for 4Chan its a site that covers a wide array of interests and allows people to post anonymously which as you can imagine leads to illegal posts and in some cases arrests.

The site is a double edged sword, on the one hand the site encourages creativity, but on the other hand can have the worst kind of illegal material on it.

Its truely one of the unique websites on the internet.

  wolfie3000 16:18 02 Dec 2010

4Chans creator M00T on TED,

click here

  interzone55 16:42 02 Dec 2010

Thanks for that post, I hadn't connected Anonymous with 4Chan - well done to all those who try to bring down Scientology, that cult is far more dangerous than anything on 4Chan

  spuds 18:01 02 Dec 2010

It goes to show how peoples thoughts can be wrong. I was thinking that 4Chan was something to do with some of the weird programs being shown on television of late.

Thank wolfie3000 for the explanation, I would not have even thought of the implications, and I wouldn't have bothered googling it!.

  wolfie3000 19:03 02 Dec 2010

For more information about Anonymous this site will help.
Don't worry its 100% family friendly.

click here

For more information about 4Chan heres Wikipedias entry.

click here

I hope FE doesn't remove this thread as I think 4chan and anonymous are such a huge influence online that its a worth while topic to talk about.

  wolfie3000 19:05 02 Dec 2010

For people who are not sure what a meme is this site explains most if not all of them.

click here

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