Taking The Plunge

  crosstrainer 22:00 24 Jul 2009

Have just bought this:

1 x XBox360 Elite console with Resident evil 5 ents pack(includes additional controller

As am about to be confined to bed again.

Have I made the right choice?

Any suggestions on some new games (don't want to re-purchacse the ones I have)

And do I need a better controlle?

  dagnammit 09:13 25 Jul 2009

If you want to play online you neeed a gold sub card for xboxlive.

Also recommend for online play that you use an ethernet cable instead of the expensive wifi addon.

  crosstrainer 09:19 25 Jul 2009

Thanks, but I'm not planning on online gaming (always get killed in seconds!) Any ideas for different games?

I have All the Fear, all Crysis, Doom, Call of duty...All on my main PC, so whats good on the xbox that I don't already have? I like FPS games and that kind of gendre, but I'm open to suggestions :))

  dagnammit 09:59 25 Jul 2009

TB honest as you're an avid PC Gamer I'd have recommended a PS3 for the simple reason that Microsoft exclusives end up on xbox and windows.

What about Grand Theft Auto IV and the MS exclusive packs like lost and damned?

Fallout 3?

  dagnammit 10:01 25 Jul 2009

and of course the Halo series.

  Armchair 10:22 25 Jul 2009

I recommend:-

Forza 2 Motorsport. The handling is spot on in this one. It's the only racing game that's gotten me hooked since the original Gran Turismo. Very cheap (seen it for £2.99 2nd hand in Gamestation).

Earth Defence Force 2017. Third person budget shooter, where you battle against invading waves of giant aliens. Over the top blaster. Also cheap......

Call of Duty 4 and World at War, but you probably already have those for your PC.

  mrwoowoo 10:33 25 Jul 2009

Nothing wrong with that controller at all.Better than the ps3 ones. And as it's Windows compatible you can use it on your PC. That's if you get the hang of it.(O:!
My work buddy says that REZ is the best game on the 360 by a mile. click here
Hmm.. not too sure about that myself, although all the reviews agreee with him .
Resi 5... top game. Got to wait until christmas for the PC version. )O:!
Personally,knowing your taste (and mine)i would go for Red faction guerilla (FPS),which i'm waiting for on PC.

  mrwoowoo 10:50 25 Jul 2009

Just remembered about Timeshift. I really enjoyed playing this on the PC.So if you haven't played it already,i can highly recommend it.
click here

  crosstrainer 06:42 26 Jul 2009

..Tips! Will look into them all. If the controller is PC compatible, is my Logitech Wingman joystick compatible with the xbox? (I doubt it) :))

  dagnammit 09:47 26 Jul 2009

"is my Logitech Wingman joystick compatible with the xbox?"


  crosstrainer 12:01 26 Jul 2009

:)) I though not, seems quite versatile as far as connectivity goes though, and I am DETERMINED to get to grips with the controller.

As mrwoowoo pointed out, I have never really been that good with them, but at least now I will have a chance to persevere. I did finally get the hang of using the ASDW keys in Dead Space on the PC, so who Say's you can't teach an old dog new tricks? :))

The Resident Evil game that is included looks good, and I have never played it, also been a long time since I had a driving game so Armchairs' suggestion looks good too.

At least it will stop me from sitting at the PC which is out for the time being.

Out of interest, how long are the supplied cables (BOx to controller)? Hoping they will reach from the xbox to the settee.

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