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  LANgamer 08:28 29 Jun 2014

Hello, everyone.

I’d like some help in the form of suggesting a suitable for me to buy, or to buy components for a PC that a friend can put together for me, which follows the following criteria that go in accordance with my agenda.

My agenda is to buy a secondary, low-spec to complement my main, powerful gaming PC and have both in my room for LAN gaming specifically with steam games. However, I must note as an essential stipulation that I wish to use Steam’s Steamstreaming functionality to allow a reasonably demanding game to be played on the low-spec , which it normally wouldn’t be able to do on its own, as well as the main PC. This involves being signed into Steam on both the low-end pc and the main pc with one steam account, but running two copies of the game on my main and streaming the game data of the secondary copy to the low-spec pc to allow it to run the game and display it on a separate display device to my main pc without having to do much processing work beyond running steamstream. Steamstreaming is advertised within the steam client program itself for further clarification for anyone’s unsure.

The low-end that I wish to buy either has to or preferably should fulfil the following criteria:

Preferable criteria, in order of priority: 1st It needs to be cost-effective and sufficient to fulfil all the criteria below if possible, having no features not fulfilling the criteria that I feel would be redundant and add to the cost. 2nd It needs to be small and easily storable, preferably on a fairly large shelf that we could say is large enough to hold, say, a 4 inch thick, foot tall oxford or foreign language dictionary. 3rd Is fairly lightweight. And to define that I would say that a person of average build should comfortably be able to hold it in one hand. 4th is reasonably quiet.

Essential criteria, all equally important: A. It needs to be able to run Steam and Steamstream optimally. B. It needs to run windows 7, the operating system I’m using and familiar with on my main . C. It needs to have an HDMI port so that both sound as well as display data can be sent to a television. (I don’t want to buy separate speakers to hook up to the low-spec PC and don’t want to use a monitor without speakers for it). D. It needs to have a good network card, perhaps one better than an average one that can cope with streaming large volumes of game data to and from the main with minimal latency.

If there are any other essential criteria that you think I may have missed out for the purposes of fulfilling my agenda, could people please point them out to me when making a suggestion based upon them?

  LANgamer 08:38 02 Jul 2014

Never mind - just realised that I can't run multiple copies of a game on multiple devices from a single, main pc. My idea was to have lan parties with a game running on my main PC using its processing power and a second copy of the same game streamed onto a tablet also from the main pc using the main pc's processing power. It doesn't work like that, in fact - you can only run one copy of the game on the main pc, either on the tablet streaming to it or on the pc's display device, not both at the same time, as I had originally envisaged. Sorry for the confusion.

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