Sony PSP and youtube

  Les T 16:31 18 Jul 2008

Does anyone know if i can download a piece of software or something that will allow my son to watch youtube videos. He can navigate easily enough to the youtube website on the PSP, but can't watch any videos, the same goes for videos or broadcasts on the BBC site.

It's probably not possible to do this, but are there any kindly souls out there that could confirm this or come up with any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

  mrwoowoo 16:44 18 Jul 2008

See if this helps you.
click here

  Les T 17:03 18 Jul 2008


Thanks for your answer, but i can transfer youtube files to the PSP, however my son wants to watch youtube videos on the PSP by logging into the youtube website on his PSP.

  mrwoowoo 17:33 18 Jul 2008

Oh,i see.
You need flash player 8 or 9 to stream you tube vids.Psp only has flash 6 installed,so i don't think it is possible.
Not sure if you can upgrade flash on the psp though.

  Les T 18:31 18 Jul 2008

Thanks again mrwoowoo, i reckon i'll just have to wait for an upgrade from Sony.

Thank you.

  wolfie3000 20:04 18 Jul 2008

You can update your PSP firmware here,

click here

But be carefull when doing it and make sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

It may also help with the youtube problem.

  Les T 12:29 19 Jul 2008

Cheers wolfie, the update has installed version 4.05 (updated from 4.01), unfortunately it doesn't include an update for the flash player, so still no luck with the youtube issue.

Oh well just have to wait for Sony to release version 7 or 8 for their flash player.

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