review your games.

  gengiscant 08:53 11 Oct 2009

As the post title suggests post a short review of the games you are currently playing.
I know that there are plenty of review sites/magazines out there but I sometimes feel that the so called professional reviewers particularly in magazines are not as impartial or honest as they might be.
Plus sometimes I think their review is for a total different game to what I'm playing.

Not really looking for the tech aspects of a game, but whether it lived up to the hype, if your enjoying the game, any tips you have for getting the game to run a Little better, after all we don't all have top of range games PC's.

I for one tend to buy the game as soon as it comes out,usually because I have believed the hype the reviews of the gamer mags. Farcry 2 was a game in point, I was so disappointed in that game, not a patch on the original, IMHO.
So I promised that I would cease buying on the first day. Well it hasn't happened I'm afraid. I bought and loaded onto my PC Wolfenstein and Resident Evil 5. I have had a quick play of both but,err not sure yet, as I am still playing Fallout 3.

This for me is my favorite game of all time.I am still find new places/quests.I am currently playing the download content of which there have been 5 episodes.The first 2 were rubbish, did nothing for the game at all But Broken steel was great and am now playing Point Lookout which so far so good and will then play Mothership Zeta which I believe is the last DLC. But the replay value of Fallout 3 is exceptional and feel that I will be playing this game for some time to come.

  Forum Editor 13:18 11 Oct 2009

Let's hope we see lots of reviews.

  wolfie3000 15:01 11 Oct 2009

Perfect world.

click here

Iv been playing this game now for around a year now and for me is
on of the best MMORPG games available today.

Registering your account isn't a chore and can be done within minutes,
Downloading the game although can be lengthy and i would recommend using the torrent as its the fastest way to download it.
Once in game you are met with the character creation screen which in itself is alot of fun to play around with,
The creation options are vast and can take up to half an hour with all the adjustments to create a good looking character,

You are supplied with 15 default characters for each race if you just want to jump into the action but it is advised to spend the time twiddling with all the options so your character looks unique.

The one thing i loved about the game was with so many character creation options you can make your character look like either a famous person or like yourself,
Although the werebeast race does have 4 types of animal to choose from there isn't alot you can tweak on them.

Once in game proper the controls are intuitive and easy to pick up,
Even if you never played a MMORPG game before it takes only a few minutes to learn the controls and the in game help can be accessed at any time by pressing ALT+H,

The first few quests are pretty simple and you can go at your own pace with them,
You are given around 6 quests to start off with and can be done in any order so the less taxing ones can be done first,

Once you reach level 19 which can be done within a few days, is when you require others to help you, as the quests require a team to help,
But as the community in game are so friendly you will gather a team within minutes,
I personally love the quests that require a team to help as generally the other players are really friendly and that for me makes the game.

From level 20 to 30 you will fly through within a week or so as the quests are so easy to do but after that the quests become alot harder and require alot of patience to do.

After level 30 you can use mounts and this makes the game alot easier to play and gives you the ability to really travel around and discover new places,
more often than not you will get lost alot of the times but that's half the fun and as you have the ability to teleport to the nearest city at any time you really aint in alot of danger.

If you have spare cash you can buy clothes for your character and the game has literally thousands of different clothing options so no 2 characters look the same,

If you don't want to spend any money there's always someone willing to sell you clothes with in game gold but it can cost alot to buy so you do have to work hard to gain that amount of gold.

The fighting system in game is great for PKing and the magic spells look awesome on screen but you have to be very careful which spells you use on certain players or mobs.
With a huge selection of weapons a character can use you will never be bored of fighting and will enjoy practising with the different weapons.

The only thing that lets down the weapon system is the fact in order to get a good weapon you have to spend hours mining for the right materials but for me its worth it in order to gain the better weapons.

The game as a whole is enjoyable to play with an awesome community,
The game graphics look awesome, the customisation is the most advanced iv seen in any game.

  wolfie3000 15:01 11 Oct 2009

The only bad points are the fact over level 40 you really need to trade alot in order to get the most from the game,
Trading and setting up shops can be a little boring too unless your willing to spend money on the game to buy what you need.

The mounts in game are varied and look stunning but like other things can only be gotten either by trading with others or by spending money on them.

But after that the game has given my months of gaming pleasure without spending a penny but i really had to work hard to get to where i am now.

I would recommend this game to anyone who is looking for an exciting challenge but it will eat into your life as its very addictive.

The game can be picked up by a total novice as the learning curve is so easy,
But during the higher levels some may find the trading a bit boring.

All in all a worth while game to play with lots of excitement and new challenges offered daily.

1, Insane amount of customisation.
2, stunning graphics and a huge map.
3, great community.
4, daily events offering rare stuff.
5, huge inbuilt help system that can be accessed any time in game.

1, higher levels require trading and shop setting,
2, some lag during peak times (Weekends and evenings)
3, quests to easy on level 20 to 30

Some people go for the private servers which do away with having to trade or spend money in order to get some mounts and clothes,
They are also good for testing character builds so you can get your character in the proper server built to perform at his peak.
Iv used private servers for build tests and such and here are the

best private servers.

Fake perfect world.
click here

KOS server.
click here

Although private servers you will need to download extra patches and a different game client.

In game video.
click here

I should also say the game is 100% FREE to play.
I haven't spent a penny on the game.

  wolfie3000 15:11 11 Oct 2009

My character hanging with his guild.
click here

Female character.
click here

Battle pet.
click here

click here

Glowing armour.
click here

  mrwoowoo 02:48 12 Oct 2009

I thought i must kick off by defending the much maligned Terminator salvation.
With most game magazines giving this game between 4.5 and 5 out of 10, I wasn’t expecting great things. But i was pleasantly surprised.

On the whole I tend to agree with the averages of combined game reviews, though not this time.
All I can think of is that the usual latent snobbery and bias toward movie tie-ins has reared its ugly head again. On the whole, whilst this may be true( the excellent Batman Arkham Asylum not withstanding) not in this case it's not.

The game is very short (around 5 hours) though this will depend on your gaming skill. It took me about 6 1/2 hours, which does indicate that the developers were rushed into an early release to tie in with the film release. But the game play itself is really rather good, which is what we’re concerned with here,right?

The game is a 3rd person shooter, with your character as John Connor, who else?
There is a lack of story and character background to carry you along. But we all know about The Terminator saga,so it's no big deal unless it's your thing.
The game has a rather cool cover system, similar to Gears of war, though with much better,fluid animation.
The way your character slides across from one cover position to the other looks like a baseball player sliding in to fourth base. All very neat.
The advantage with this slick movement is that you can go from one cover position to the other with one swift movement without the risk of taking damage.

Another cool feature is the ability to fire blind from behind cover with your weapon above your head. Although you lose accuracy, you can still do some damage without the risk of taking hits.
The aiming and all round gun play is very enjoyable and rather addictive. Just get stuck in.
A good variety of weapons are available,although nothing radical. Shotgun,machine gun,rocket launcher,grenades - you know the drill.

You are assisted throughout the game by your team of between one and four players, which works rather well. At no time do they seem to get in the way or hinder your progress, in fact you would find it almost impossible to progress without them at times.
An example of this is in trying to defeat the spiders.
Their only weak spot is at the rear, so while you flank them your team can attack and distract them from the other direction giving you or your team a chance to attack their vulnerable rear end.Ok,sometimes the AI isn't quite as it should be. But generally it's pretty good.

The Terminators are different and just keep coming at you (well it is a Terminator after all) without any regard for their well being as they are almost indestructible.The way they persue you in their marching style along with the musical score adds nicely to the tension and atmosphere.
Expect to die a few times at certain points as it gets hard work in parts, which helps to drag the game out a bit.

The graphics and cut scenes are nicely done although you feel a bit cheated when you see a crashing helicopter etc spiralling out of control and exploding behind a building. Where’s the drama in that? It's like watching a movie with the last 5 minutes missing.Now i know why they're called (cut) scenes.

All in all a very enjoyable game with some neat touches even if it is woefully short.




GOOD Enjoyable gameplay
Good graphics
Good controls
BAD No story
Dissapointing cutscenes
Needs patching (a few crashing bugs )

  mr simon 11:19 12 Oct 2009

And I guess the best way to rate this game is alongside its predecessor, San Andreas (SA). The graphics of IV are stunning, visually its a masterpiece. It also has a much more captivating storyline, and several irritating features of SA have been tweaked. Though for all the improvements they have made, the levels are all quite 'samey'. SA had a lot of variation in its levels, and because it didn't take itself too seriously, you didn't care that you were stealing a futuristic hovering backback, or single handedly robbing a massive casino. In IV, every level is just killing, and it does get tiresome after the first few levels.

I guess the playability of this game comes from your preference between realism and fun. GTAIV is as realistic as it gets, shooting is harder, driving is much harder, and, in the name of realism, the levels are far more constrained. and thus, far more boring. To give an example, I played SA over two years ago, but I can still remember loads of levels from it. Having just completed IV, I'm struggling to remember just a handful. The gameplay really is woeful in comparison.

If I had to choose between the two, I wouldn't pick either. I'm halfway through Saints Row 2, and this is how video games should be. It throws the rulebook out the window and as a result is just enormous fun.

I would recommend GTAIV, but only for the consoles, even then, don't get your hopes up.

GRAPHICS: 9.5 (Draw distance found wanting)

  mrwoowoo 14:27 12 Dec 2009

As an avid FPS fan i don't enjoy role playing games at all. Fallout 3 however is so much different from your normal RPG, that there's
something for everyone.
You can play the games combat system as an all out FPS if you wish or even a third person shooter.
But then you would be missing out of that wonderful experience that is the VATS system. Primarily used in close combat after softening up your foe from a distance it really is a wonderful
addition to the game.
VATS (automated targeting system), allows you to pick an area of your targets body to shoot at and shows the chances of hitting it in percentages.
Although this pauses the game, it never seems to break the flow, as it's so well incorporated into the game.
The beautiful cut scenes that show your critical hits striking your foe and sometimes decapitating them with your shotgun, keeps you eagerly awaiting your next opponent.
As i said, you can play without using this feature at all. But by doing so , you will miss out on one of the things that makes this game so great.
A word of warning though. The first few hours of the game are taken up by setting the scene and story like any other RPG, although it's very well done. So,if, like me you prefer all out action ( as we FPS fans do ) don't be put off by it, as once you get past this it's a whole new ball game.
The enemy AI is mostly very good indeed and the apocalyptical landscape in real time night and day is a wonder to behold.
The only slight let down is that the sound of some weapons are a bit flat with no real oomph to them.
There's lots of different human, mutant and beastial enemies and a large variety of weapons. Hell, there's even a mini
nuke to take out that particularly stubborn enemy. What more could you want?
Now that you don't need to pay full price, there's not much reason to not give it a try. The game of the year edition, with
all the expansion packs can be had as cheaply as the original game. So go for that.
Normally i get bored quickly, and very rarely ( once in fact) play a game twice. But this has me so hooked that i have
bought all the expansion packs to fuel my addiction. If there were no add-ons i would just play it again.

GAMEPLAY 9/10 .. Lots of variety and game hours.

But if you buy it and don't like it. Please don't send the boys round. (O:!

  gengiscant 15:38 12 Dec 2009

Finally got around to playing this game, I waited till I had built my new PC which would have an i5 chip and a HD 4890 GPU.

Well I am sorry I cannot get into the controls at all,I have the keyboard set up a best I can, I don't think I will ever master the Xbox controller, but Chris Redfield still moves like a Playstation 1 character in resident evil 1. He still can't shoot and run, and what is the point of the partner.

No given up on this game, another one for Ebay.

  citadel 16:28 13 Dec 2009

I enjoyed fallout 3, I admit I googled to find the location of some of the numbers the family members had to get in the vault containing the prototype fat man, just had to see all those mini nukes going at the same time.

  IClaudio 13:28 14 Dec 2009

Thanks, mrwoowoo, you've given me the impetus to have another look at this. Although I admired the opening scenes, I didn't think much of the combat, but I see now that I should persevere and get to the second stage of the game.

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