Resident evil 5

  gengiscant 15:22 24 Sep 2009

Oh dear,I really must try and learn to use an xbox controller.
I have just had my first play of Resident Evil 5 and I am dead already.As with the last game the keyboard/mouse are rubbish.You can map a bit but not as much as I would like and I am used to.
Graphically very good,a definite improvement on 4.
One really annoying thing I have come up against,if you press the key to go forward,Chris Renfield (remember him)shouts go on and the partner you play along with shouts OK. He says something different when you want him to go back as does she.
So,so far not impressed,fortunately I did not pay much for it.
As I am still playing Fallout 3 and the DLC stuff it will be a while before I get back to it and hopefully there will be other posts from people who have tips and tricks when playing this game.

  crosstrainer 17:09 26 Sep 2009

Same problem, get so far and then game over. I guess the only word is practice. :))

  mrwoowoo 01:15 28 Sep 2009

As crosstrainer says, with practice it becomes second nature. I was only a console and gamepad man and couldn't see how a mouse/keyboard could work until i got a pc. I soon found it very easy to play games like this and i can now switch between the two with ease.
They both have there merits.
You can't put me off as i love the resi series and will get it after i finish Batman Arkhan asylum and Red faction guerilla.
P.s. There was/is a mouse aim fix/patch for resi 4 mouse control that i download which worked extremely well.

  mrwoowoo 21:18 12 Oct 2009

I'm finding the keyboard/mouse controls very easy to live with.
I have the keys all mapped together around the direction buttons and the response to the key commands is nice and smooth. Personally,i'm quite impresssed.
As for the non playing character shouting "ok" or whatever,this only happens if you instruct them to pick up an item or go offensive or defensive.
If you just let your partner do their own thing, the AI is fairly good and they will fight alongside you when needed.
Perhaps you have mapped your buttons to give them certain commands when you advance or retreat as it doesn't happen in my game.

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