Resi EVIL 5 Help!

  crosstrainer 06:19 17 Nov 2009

Playing on the Xbox360 I just can't get passed the big guy with the axe in the first fight.....Driving me crazy...I either get killed or my partner does.

Anyone got any ideas?

Getting good at the Ashes Cricket game though...Look out for a 1.5 legged all rounder online :))

  gengiscant 09:19 17 Nov 2009

This should help.

click here

  crosstrainer 11:47 17 Nov 2009

Oh no....It's even more complicated than I thought :(( Glad it came with my system and did not buy it.

Think I'll wait for a cheat that would get me through that fight.

Just beat the Aussies at cricket, and that control set is really complicated. Took a couple of weeks and all the tutorials to get me started...Good though.

  mrwoowoo 14:22 17 Nov 2009

Not complicated at all, as you don't have to fight him. Just leg it.
just sprint through the big hole he opened up,and go straight ahead to the locked gate.
Killing several Majini on the way will get you lots of ammo/health though.
After this initial frantic action, it does settle down and become easier with the Majini more sparcely populated..
Stick at it. It's a great game.

  crosstrainer 06:36 18 Nov 2009

Ah, the old running away ploy!!! thanks for that, been trying to kill him, will now take your advice and run like **** :))

  crosstrainer 06:39 19 Nov 2009

It worked!!! Finished chapter one...Now If I can just get Sheva past the furnace I will be making ptogress. Still find the partner aspect a bit odd...Just not used to it I guess.

  crosstrainer 12:32 23 Nov 2009

Ok, was doing alright til I met up with Mr Chainsaw....Tried everything, but can't kill him, run away from him or hit him with the electric substation thingy...:((

Been trying for hours...Fingers numb! Please tell me there is any easy way?

  mrwoowoo 18:36 23 Nov 2009

He's a toughy that's for sure.
Best to shoot any explosive barrels that you can lure him near to and use grenades and proximity bombs, and the good old shotgun.
Try softening him up from a distance first if you feel more comfortable with that using the machine gun.
If i remember rightly, i threw grenades at him from as far as i could when he approached, then used the shotgun whilst backing off quickly between shots to keep some space between us. Using the quick turn button between shots is a must.

  crosstrainer 08:10 25 Nov 2009

Well, that was east enough with the barrel trick! Got through the mine ok too...Problem now is the monster flying dragon at the chapters end....Proximity bombs seem to be the key, and why won;t Seva deploy them? This would make things easier for me...Running round picking up herb to heal us with!

It's a good, if slightly frustrating game at times. Wish the AI worked better, or am I missing something? (probably) Still have issues with the controller, but a lot better than I was :))

Thanks for the info!

  tammer 11:14 13 Dec 2009


Proximity bombs are the key. You can do a small amount of additional damage though if you shoot it in the abdomen.

There is worse to come though...

The beauty of this game is the coop mode. I play it with my girlfriend playing as Sheva. Keeps the PS3 in her good books.

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