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  Graphicool1 14:31 19 Aug 2010

WinXP SP3 - XBOX 360

I have just played 'Red Dead Redemption' and apparently there is extra content (DLC) that will be available later this year. As stated above I have XBOX 360. I am not connected to play on line as I would have to pay XBOX for the privilege. However I would like to download the extra game footage.

XBOX say that if you connect your XBOX to the Net you will automatically become a 'Silver' member for free. As opposed to being a 'Gold' member for which you have to pay. Although I realise that as a Silver member it won't entitle me to play on line. But what I want to know is could I download the extra content to my XBOX?

If YES :-) If NOT :-(

The bottom line is, does anyone know of any way that I can download the extra content without having to pay XBOX?

  gengiscant 19:21 19 Aug 2010

Have a look here click here As you can see under Xbox Live Silver you can download extra content provided it is free,download new levels for games and it doesn't cost you a bolt.So go for it.

Us PC gamers have always had freebies like maps and mods for our games. Extends the life of a game that you enjoy.

  Devil Fish 00:46 20 Aug 2010

personnaly im a pc gamer dont do consoles but i sympathise when it comes to dlc

The bottom line is, does anyone know of any way that I can download the extra content without having to pay XBOX?

You are not paying Xbox for the content you are paying the publisher/Developer of the Game

can you download it for free i doubt it unless you were given a bonus code for the relevant content when you brought the game

whilst i dont agree with it DLC is essntialy a way of making extra revenue if you pay £40+ for a game then you should get the whole game in my opinion.

  Graphicool1 10:16 20 Aug 2010

Unfortunately the DLC's for Red Dead aren't free. 1 package has already been released and there are at least 4 more to come this year. At around $10 (£7) each. I don't resent paying RockStar - the makers of Red dead - for the extra content. There have been plenty of games that have continued for years in this fashion. If they are popular people want more. You can't expect the makers, to make them for nothing.

My gripe is with XBOX, first you have to buy the box, then they charge a monthly fee, if you want to play on line and/or get DLC which you are already having to buy from the makers. If I had PS3, I could play this and any other game on line and get the DLC, without having to pay PS3 anything extra.

It seems to me that XBOX are getting two bites of the cherry.

Since posting this question I've found out that on eBay, you can buy - legal - temporary Gold membership for XBOX. From a month to up to a year, the price for a year is only £28.

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