user8 13:34 18 Jun 2009

I did have a thread on this in Consumerwatch, but thought it was better to be in the Games section.

Does anyone have a R4 card for their Nintendo DS?
If so what do u think of it etc.

  Rigga 15:59 18 Jun 2009

What's an R4 card? Is it a game?


  user8 16:12 18 Jun 2009

It's an expansion card that enables you to play downloaded games on it.

  dagnammit 18:27 18 Jun 2009

We use DSTT cards, R4 cards are no longer made by the R4 people. You don't know what revision you're getting and who made it.

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  Rigga 20:39 18 Jun 2009

"downloaded games" I didn't know Nintendo provided downloaded games, where is there download website at?

I've looked and can;t find it!

Is it cheaper than buying the games on cartridge?


  dagnammit 21:10 18 Jun 2009

Allows you to run homebrew... click here

They can be used for illegal copies of games but I don't encourage it or help with it.

  Rigga 21:43 18 Jun 2009

Interesting reading..

I wonder how many buy these for this reason???? I would imagine most buy them to run copied games. :(


  dagnammit 00:23 19 Jun 2009

You are quite correct but what can you do?

The carts themselves are illegal, much like a DVD writer, but it's what you can do with it that is.

Oh well. Tis the main reason Ninty launched the DSi... it has code built in stops these carts from working.

  dagnammit 00:25 19 Jun 2009


the carts aren't illegal.

and it doesn't stop the carts working, it stops the copied games from working. Homebrew can still function, apparently.

  user8 14:31 22 Jun 2009

All delivered, set up & now working.

  user8 15:59 22 Jun 2009

Delivered within 7 days of ordering.

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