morgueman 14:03 07 Nov 2008

Hello all, only 7 weeks til christmas! So whats the best, PS3 or XBOX? I've heard the PS3 graphics are alot better, but the online play is better on XBOX? Also, XBOX is alot cheaper than the PS3!
So, i know you have to pay for XBOX online, but how much is it and is it a monthly payment? do you have to pay a fee for PS3 online or is it just like playing online via the internet on the pc?
Any help with this would be appreciated,


  Si_L 15:11 07 Nov 2008

If you are using it solely as a games machine, I would say Xbox, for the price alone. But if you are after a media centre, then go for the PS3.

Having played both, there isn't a lot of difference between the two, but each has their own cons and pros, eg, Xbox has better online, PS3 has Blu-ray etc...

  babybell 15:28 07 Nov 2008

You are a lot more likely to suffer breakages with the Xbox 360, in fact Microsoft are being taken to court for hiding information on just how often they break down. I've had 3 in the last years break on me and usually have to wait 6 weeks for the repaired box to come back. That is the only downside, other than that i think it beats the PS3 in most categories

  babybell 15:28 07 Nov 2008

Sorry, that should read 3 in the last 2 years

  Rigga 15:35 07 Nov 2008

Look to see which console has the largest number of exclusive titles you want to play. Then go for the one which has the games you most want.

In practical terms there is very little to choose between them, other than what Si_L has already mentioned.

So I'd say base the decision on the games not on what which is the "best" console.


  dagnammit 16:41 07 Nov 2008


Online play is FREE
User upgradable HDD
Built in Wifi
Six Axis (motion control)
Built in Bluetooth
Ability to install a 2nd operating system
free web browsing

Noisy - heat issue means jumbo jet fans
DVD - old
Online play £60 a year
Xbox HDDs - very expensive
Wifi adaptor an expensive add on
No motion control
No built in Bluetooth

  dagnammit 16:43 07 Nov 2008

Tell me how it beats the PS3?

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:51 07 Nov 2008


Online play is FREE
User upgradable HDD
Built in Wifi
Six Axis (motion control)
Built in Bluetooth
Ability to install a 2nd operating system
free web browsing"

A PC can have all this and more and everything is upgradeable. You can't beat a PC for all-round versatility.

  Si_L 16:53 07 Nov 2008

Xbox 360: £129.99

PS3: £289.99

I'm not an Xbox fan but you are being biased, the Xbox has plenty of good points. Besides the price, which is less than half of the PS3, the online play is far superior to the PS3's, easily worth £60 if you play lots online. The games are cheaper too. Graphically, the two are very similar, there is very little difference in gaming performance.

  dagnammit 18:54 07 Nov 2008

So for that £150 difference you get:

An 80GB hard disk, wireless controller, Built in Wifi, built in Bluetooth, online gaming and BluRay.


You're forgetting one major thing regards games...

The longer a console is out the better the games get. Xbox360 has peaked - the PS3 has not.

The 360 was rushed out the door with limited tech and red rings all round. The only thing MS saw were £££ signs and ability to boast that they got a console out before the market leader.

  dagnammit 19:02 07 Nov 2008

I'd rather stick to PS3 V 360.

PC Gaming is a different thing altogether.

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