PS2 games will not play

  scooter1957 18:29 26 Aug 2008

Hi i have a PS2 it will play PS1 games but it will not play PS2 games is there a quick fix
Thanks for any help Cheer Scooter

  Si_L 22:40 26 Aug 2008

Scratched discs?

  kalignorgna 08:07 27 Aug 2008

have you tryed to clean the Laser Lens with a cd cleaner as it may need cleaning over then that its open up the ps2 and have a fiddle with the parts or get a new one

  scooter1957 08:59 27 Aug 2008

Two kids next door said there ps2 would not work so i give them my old ps1 with lots of games the next time they come round they said that the ps1 games would play on there ps2 so i said i would try and find out if there was any thing we could do. I will try and clean the lens and give them a ps2 game i know that works to try.thanks for your help.Scooter

  dagbladet 16:28 28 Aug 2008

Try standing the PS2 on it's side and see if the games will work.

I know it sounds daft but it worked for me.

  scooter1957 19:18 28 Aug 2008

The kids came round with there ps2 today i cleaned there games and tried some of my ps2 games
i put one in and it did not work all that happens is the browser opens .but if you try it a few times you can some times get games to work it will play ps1 games straight away it is the old ps2 and i don't no how to get to the laser to clean it .Cheers Scooter

  Si_L 22:44 28 Aug 2008

The laser clean is just a disc.

click here and have a look at this one.

  scooter1957 07:14 29 Aug 2008

I will try and get one of these discs and give it a clean Cheers Scooter

  scooter1957 07:31 29 Aug 2008

I went in to google and put in how to clean laser on PS2 it gives you a step by step guide how to clean the disc it looks very easy Cheers Scooter

  dagbladet 17:00 04 Sep 2008

Did you turn it on it's side?

  scooter1957 17:47 04 Sep 2008

It was all ways used on its side we tried it laid down. I got the kids a laser cleaning kit and give it to them it still did not work i told them all they can do now is get there dad to take the top off and clean the laser and try again there mum said she will try at get them a slimline ps2
Thanks for all your help we all tried to help the kids from next door .Cheers Scooter

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