£800 gaming PC build

  quarkoniak 20:53 22 Mar 2013

I have been searching around for a gaming PC for a while now but still can't decide on a system.

Has anyone got any suggestions on a system for £800 or less which includes a monitor, mouse and keyboard as well.

Also, I do not wish to build this myself. It must be prebuilt.

Thanks in advance.

  nickf 22:08 22 Mar 2013

With your budget You will most likely have to go for an AMD CPU , as a decent Intel will not leave you much for the rest of the build . I have to say that with a budget of £800 to include peripherals you are not going to get very good performance . My advice would be to save for a little longer and aim for £1000 . The extra £200 would go a long way towards a decent screen , keyboard / mouse .

  quarkoniak 07:30 23 Mar 2013

I know that an amd cpu will have to make do but I do not need this for many hardcore games. Mainly things like sims 3, minecraft, simcity and other simulation/rpg titles.

Any other addvice now?

  Chronos the 2nd 09:32 23 Mar 2013

Have a look at these.

Chillblast Fusion Blaze Good graphics card with a 23" screen. This is a very decent spec for your cash and will easily handle the types of games you play for many years.This comes with Windows 8, not my choice of operating system but you can changed to Windows 7 if you prefer.

Chillblast Fusion Diablo not as good graphics card,will still play your games fine and this one comes with a 24" monitor.

Chillblast Fusion Galaxy This comes with a 24" touch screen and a reasonable graphics card so again no problems with your games.

Vibox Fusion This is a company I have no experience of but I know another member here speaks highly of them.Overall not a bad spec. Hard-drive is half what I would like but you can customise this setup and still be within budget. Also I would certainly change the power supply unit. CiT are a rubbish brand and as the PSU is a very important component then change to a Corsair.

All these PC's are more than capable of doing what you want but the first one is the far better gaming PC than the rest.

Any questions fire away.

  quarkoniak 09:37 23 Mar 2013

Thanks so much. I have also seen this novatech http://www.novatech.co.uk/pc/range/novatechblacknti34.html

Is this any good?

  Chronos the 2nd 09:47 23 Mar 2013

Not bad but when you add a monitor and an operating system I think you will find that you are well over budget.Whereas the Blaze has those items included and a better graphics card.

  quarkoniak 12:23 23 Mar 2013

I did notice that after posting. Those other PCs look great though! Thanks again!

  quarkoniak 18:39 25 Mar 2013

Just another quick question, with the Chillblast Fusion Blaze, Is there any modifications I should make to the default spec?

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