~PlayStation 4 or Xbox One~

  OliverPetrovitch 15:54 26 Mar 2014

Hey, just thought I'd start a discussion about the PlayStation 4 & the Xbox One.

I had a go at trying the new PlayStation at a friends house (thought it was awesome!) but I've always had an Xbox since I've been a kid so I'd probably be happier with an Xbox One since it seems like the natural choice.


  Forum Editor 16:31 26 Mar 2014

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  Mr Mistoffelees 14:12 27 Mar 2014

OliverPetrovitch, in your position I would prioritise the one that has more games that I want to play.

  Graphicool1 09:54 28 Mar 2014


Before anyone decides on which console to plump for, bear this fact in mind. If you have a library of Xbox games that you might still want to play. Xbox One is NOT backwards compatible. So if you want to keep on playing old Xbox games you'll have to keep your old Xbox too.

However, although PS4 isn't backwards compatible either. Here's the first twist, they will have a Cloud based library of old Playstation games that you can stream to and play on...(wait for it)...not only PS4 but also on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs.

Although and here's the second twist, even if you own those games, you'll still have to purchase them again to play. Unless of course you just hang on to your old Playstations.

  Menzie 12:01 28 Mar 2014

@MechKB I partially agree with you; it's true that PC tech is always evolving when it comes to gaming but the problem with this is inefficient coding on the part of developers. Rather than tightening their code and getting the best possible performance many just throw higher hardware requirements around instead.

Case in point Grand Theft Auto 4 and Saints Row 2, until these were patched they performed shockingly even on machines at the higher end of the scale.

PC gamers don't need to upgrade as often as before, thanks to this whole yearly cycle the performance gains aren't significant in some cases with manufacturers even going as far as rebadging last year's product in some cases. With Humble Bundle and digital sales however there are some bargains on the PC. I myself picked up the new Tomb Raider for under £4 brand new.

As for the consoles, I presently have a Wii U which I enjoy, I always wait at least a year before getting new machines as it gives me a chance to gauge overall reliability and there are more games available by then.

I've owned the previous 2 consoles from Microsoft and enjoy their games. Nobody can decide what machine is right for someone else so I'll give some points to consider.

None are backwards compatible although Sony will be implementing some sort of streaming service to get over this.

Both need a subscription to play online, with the Sony subscription you get free games on all 3 of their currently supported formats. The games given away on the PS3 are a lot newer than what MS gave away on the 360. However, if you cancel membership your games gained trough the subscription will no longer function on PlayStation. They will on the Xbox, I'm expecting the same to continue on the newer formats.

I like both controllers but some prefer one over the other, I'd suggest trying both and see which one you prefer.

At the moment games seem to favour the PS4 when it comes to resolution and frame rates. This may change once Microsoft makes a few updates. Many forget the 360 didn't support 1080p on launch.

  nickf 21:10 29 Mar 2014

Just save up , get a PC , £800 will get you a good rig to play most games at decent quality and frame rates , with the added bonus that just about all titles are available .

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