Playing Borderlands.

  gengiscant 15:16 02 Nov 2009

Well had Borderlands delivered today,which surprised me as I thought it wasn't due out till later in the month.This was from Coolshop TopCat® posted about earlier.

First impressions,well a couple of new things for me anyway. You have no choice but to use WASD for movement, so for those of us that prefer the arrow keys its a learning curve.
Also it my first,how shall I put it, its more cartoony, not a Halflife 2 or a Fallout 3 graphically.

Only played a hour or so and so far I quite like it.Theres a lot controls I am getting used to and there is a lot displayed on the screen which can be distracting. Is it like Fallout 3. Only in so much there are box's etc lying around with money or ammo or guns, which you can sell or use.

I paid £23 which is about right.If you can get it cheaper by waiting a couple of weeks,that would be the way to go.

I come back when I have progressed further,which will be after I have finished Wolfenstein,now theres a disappointing game.

  mrwoowoo 23:31 02 Nov 2009

Using the W,S,A, and D keys will make it awkward for me. Will still give it a go though as the game should make up for it.

  IClaudio 18:16 07 Nov 2009

You go to Options, Key Binding, and there you can map the keys to whatever you want.

I love the look of the game, and it's quite easy in the first few hours to level up and grab lots of loot. But the weapons you pick up seem to be not much better than the basic ones you pick up at the start - though you will find one or two, like The Clipper (a Burning Pistol) which can be worth keeping.

I don't like the AutoSave routine in the absence of a Save feature. I've always liked the safety net of a 'Load' so that you can try out different strategies. I'm working on a Quest/Mission at the moment which ends with you confronting a very difficult Boss. I'm short on money, so I can't buy new weapons, or Health or afford many more Resurrects (they cost each time).

So, I'm facing the possibility of dying without any way to revive :( And it would be so much easier to go back to a saved game...

The other thing is that, it will take you a long while to clear an area on the way to a Quest conclusion. Then you have get back to the Quest giver, and you'll find that monsters have respawned, so you have to go through much of the process again, yawn...

  gengiscant 19:00 07 Nov 2009


I have been a fool,I have just noticed a small arrow in the change bindings menu and you can change the WASD after all.
Thank god for that because I was finding it a bit of a nuisance.
Medication and my age have conspired to play havoc with my faculties.LOL.
Back to this great game, with the keys remapped.

Put this in my COD 2 post also to make sure you saw it.

  mrwoowoo 04:06 13 Nov 2009

"I have been a fool"
Well if you have then that would make two of us. (O:!
I probably wouldn't have known to click on that arrow/bar without reading your post. To me it just looked like a graphical extension.
Still, great graphics. And so far so good.

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