Play, Want, Bin - April 2011

  Inept Pig 09:38 12 Apr 2011

Shamelessly stolen from many forums around the internet, I thought I'd post here again (hello those who may remember me), as the new forum looks flashy and once I stop getting 404s when I click around the site I'll be content. First attempt at posting on the new forums, so if the format below all looks rubbish please be assured that it was spectacular looking in my preview...


Borderlands - quite like this; but currently play it solely on split screen with the missus - this makes the game much harder than you can imagine and also adds extra tricky tasks like trying to explain everything to someone who clearly doesn't bother to read anything in the game and instead prefers to whinge that her sniper rifle is rubbish.

Splinter Cell: Conviction - which I am currently loving dearly; I suspect it will end all too soon, but it's been a lovely game to get me interesting in retail title again after Black Ops crushed my spirit so (infinite enemy respawns are not a good gameplay mechanic), only one annoying bit in the game so far, and plenty of ways to approach missions (well, at least three...)

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - an impulse buy via Steam when I wanted some RPG-lite thrills plus some fancy sword play; regretting it slightly now as the game has been surpassed many times over since it's release (but I must finish it! I must!)

Men of War - voice acting is the worst you will ever hear in a game, but the game mechanics themselves are top-notch, one of the better RTS games available with epic battles that you feel real accomplishment in emerging victorious from (on the harder difficulty levels at least, I imagine you'd have a much less fraught time on the easier ones). Another game that I bought via Steam and I try to play when I can, but rarely have enough hours to progress very far on any of the missions.

Zombie Atom Smasher - a cheap download off steam that is providing me with entertainment in short bursts (although my first short burst lasted two hours, and then I found out how to modify the settings); not pretty, and not perfect, but certainly worth trying the demo.

If it counts - Die2Nite the browser-based zombie game is also something that I dip into daily, if only to refill my contempt for humanity - for those that don't know you have 6AP a day (which can be re-filled with eating and drinking giving you 18AP to play around with) with which to scavenge for and build your defences against a zombie horde heading for your town come nightfall, you have to co-operate with 40 other players and you'll find that such things are uncannily like herding cats - the good towns can last up-to 25 days, but my average is around 7...


Dead Island looked okay; I'd like to see more of that.

Another Star Wars RPG like KOTOR - I liked KOTOR (this also means not a MMORPG)

That new WWE All-Stars game - the demo wasn't too bad, although the reversals seemed a bit random, but decent arcade-styled OTT violence.

I also have two games that are still wrapped in their original cellophane (since Christmas!) - Crackdown 2 and Battlefield Bad Company 2 for the 360... So, I'd really want some time to play those if you'd be so kind?


CoD: Black Ops - finished the SP (which required a sustained effort to trudge through); can't be fussed with zombies, online seemed okay despite a lack of player matching on the 360 (Bullet in a Chamber mode was perhaps my fave)

  AllThumbs 13:19 26 Apr 2011


Kings Bounty : Armored Princess This game is surreal. It's a cross between what I imagine the My Little Pony games consist of, an RPG, strategy in the form of turn based combat, and exploration. It's also surprisingly good fun.

Call of Duty 4 A clan game that we try and play weekly to satisfy those in the group who don't enjoy more recent games as much. I've actually liked pretty much all the cods (that's 1,2,4 and 5) apart from those ripped from console play which I guess you could call 6 and the current Black Ops). I love the custom community made maps that you get in cod4, some of which were gobsmackingly gorgeous.

Black OPs Yes, I know I said I didn't like it. To be honest this game is ok, not great but perfectly adequate - it's the general public I don't like. People who don't pay for, or put anything towards a server come on and are rude, abusive, ignore the gametype, complain about the weapons used and so on. This game seems to attract a greater number of children and poor sports than any other game I've ever played in a multiplayer environment. As much as the lack of dedicated servers it's these selfish, ignorant and unpleasant gamers who are killing multiplayer gaming on the pc.

When I want to kill some time this is a good game to play. Simple rpg fair in the diablo style of gameplay that is surprisingly fun considering how shallow it is. My only real problem with it is it plays like some of the diablo mods in that its measure of difficulty seems to be how over run you can be by monsters. I would have preferred bigger badder monsters rather than just tons of medium level ones.


Grotesque Tactics:Evil Heroes A humorous rpg that reads well and has some good reviews, I've been debating getting this off steam for a while now, all that's stopping me is that I believe it's german...which makes me wonder about the humor (that not me being racist - different countries have different ideas about humor)

Borderlands I like the idea of a single player fps with lots of guns. All that puts me off is if I get it off steam I'm looking at 3x the price as from Amazon, and a 7gb download to cut into my usage allowance. If I grab it from Am, I get it cheap, but not soon. And the other thing is - it's not Fallout 3 so I it perhaps not really worth it.

Dungeon Siege III Looks nice, got to wait till June 2011

Might & Magic Heroes VI Looks nice, release date is currently 23/06/11

Red Orchestra 2 : Heroes of Stalingrad Am really looking forward to leaving Black ops behind and this is one of two possible routes. Release date is sometime this year (probably)

Battlefield 3 This might be the other way to leave Blops, but not until 4/11/11. And even then, though it looks lovely I never really liked BFBC2 so....will it be more of the same?


Deathspank I wanted so much to enjoy Deathspank, another of these humorous rpg games. I liked the style kind of, but for the life of me it's just not interesting enough to keep returning to.

Chime I liked Chime a fair bit and it did introduce me to some music / artists I'd not enjoyed before. But they should have had more songs, and more puzzles in the game. It's just too short.

Magicka This inde rpg was fab to begin with and pretty funny with some superb little twists to the magic system. The problem was it's multiplayer which I tried with a mate and we could never, ever find each other. I could play fine with americans but a mate in the same Single player though was good fun till it got too hard and I needed a buddy.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 This was ok for a while, but once again it's biggest problem was joe public - it's a game which needs plenty of players to work...the problem is you can't vet them first and there are so many people you really don't want to invite into your house.

  Inept Pig 17:55 26 Apr 2011

DeathSpank was tiresome, although originally I thought it was quite clever and humorous - however, I think a ten minute flash game would have been more appropriate than a retail offering, which seemed somewhat dragged out.

Of course, I finished it because I paid for it... It did become quite dull towards the end though.

Borderlands is good, but can get boring (it's huge, and with all huge things - you can spend far too long trekking backwards and forwards); I'd perhaps compare it to Serious Sam, but with a slight (very slight) RPG element to it; essentially it's just shooting stuff till it stops moving.

  IClaudio 19:01 04 May 2011


Rift is my elf-game of the moment. It reminds me of Tabula Rasa in many ways (in fact, I think the devs have knicked many of the sound effects from that game...) and the Public Groups v Mob invasions is a great waste of time! Most of the on-line players are friendly and there isn't a lot of gold-spam.

Medal of Honor is where I go when I just want to kill people. It's a great Multiplayer shooter, and again, not a lot of room for teenage wll-waving - you just get out there and shoot. Even with a low graphic setting, it looks gorgeous and it's really immersive (I don't know, obviously, what it's like to be at the sharp end of a sniper round, but the sound here is pretty convincing!)

Battlefield 2149 is a great blast - again, no teenagers because it's not a new title, but it rewards strategic thinking and the added dimension of Titan super-ships overflying the battlefield means that novice players can sit at the guns and invincibly rack up the kills :)


Planetside 2 The original was my all-time favourite MMOPG, I made so many on-line friends while playing this... Being able to sneak into an enemy-held Tower whilst Cloaked and Invisible, and then Hacking the Console in order to stop the enemy from Spawning was always hilarious. And I used to really enjoy being support for a small Squad penetrating into enemy territory and rez'ing my squad mates when necessary.

Unfortunately, Sony seem to have dropped the ball in their development of Planetside 2, and it's been postponed.


WoW... Star Trek Online...

  Forum Editor 00:19 06 May 2011

"First attempt at posting on the new forums, so if the format below all looks rubbish please be assured that it was spectacular looking in my preview..."

It looks equally spectacular online - well done, and hello again - good to see a familiar name from way back.

  Inept Pig 09:03 06 May 2011

Hello again FE - I still have fond memories of how you answered one of my first posts (about data protection) with reference to Goldfish; ah - simpler times...

I've avoided MMORPGs as much as possible as I don't have enough time and would forever spend my time at the lower end of the food chain, no problem if you have a clan of people to back you up, but I'm also terribly anti-social and prone to charging into situations without proper consideration - so that never goes down too well either...

Interesting idea in playing older titles for a more select band of gamers; I guess if you can find a game with something of a community still active you can fairly guarantee that the kids will be off playing the latest CoD and leave you relatively hassle free (although perhaps up against hardened veterans who still play the game as they know the entire thing backwards)

This was meant to be a monthly update posting thing, where a new topic would be started for each month - but given the slow uptake it doesn't seem to warrant this (for now), plus my only update would be that I've now gone back to Borderlands singleplayer and finished it and am now debating the add-on packs (I could play the game some more, but there's also other titles that would perhaps interest me more than this one is doing currently), whilst my other half is currently playing Splinter Cell: Conviction with me co-operatively; that's right - a game that relies on stealth and planning with someone who refuses to read in-game prompts and viciously shoots up the scenery whenever under attack.

Also finished Dark Messiah - not recommended, hasn't aged well and perhaps wasn't that great to begin with, a lesson that impulse buys are rarely a good thing.

Tragically, my want list has grown...

Portal 2


L.A. Noire

More on the Syndicate Reboot

Batman Arkham City - Arkham Asylum is one of my favourite 360 games, perfectly pitched for the most part with puzzles, bat-gadgets and a flowing combat system that works very well.

However, my available time has shrank - so with the pattern continues I'll have plenty of games to play for the rest of my natural life! Although I'll be 2/3 years behind the curve meaning that I'll get everything lovely and cheap.

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