mrwoowoo 23:02 13 Jun 2008

Anyone overclocked their pc's and got a decent boost from it.
My one and onlt attempt was on my old pc.
I overclocked my amd sempron 3400+ by a measly 10% ( 2 GHz to 2.2GHz )as it tended to run a bit hot.
My Nvidia 8600GT was clocked by around 11%.Had to turn it down to 9% though as it kept crashing.
This only resulted in an extra 4FPS whilst playing games.
Not really any real benifit,although i could have gone higher with better cooling.
Will try clocking my Q6600 (2.4GHz) and my 9600GT at some point to see what i can push them to.
Anyone had any better or worse experiences overclocking?

  Earthsea 23:25 13 Jun 2008

I asked on a laptop games forum once and was told it wasn't worth it. The increase in frame rate would be only tiny and not worth the stress it put on the GPU, which would decrease its lifespan.

Getting the best driver for my graphics card was a much better way of improving performance, but required a little know-how. It required a 'modded inf file' or something, but was worth the hassle.

Might be different for desktops.

  wolfie3000 00:12 14 Jun 2008

Iv never seen the point in overclocking hardware,
Like Earthsea said it isnt worth over stressing your hardware for the small increase in speed you get.

  mrwoowoo 00:16 14 Jun 2008

I agree as far as my attempts are concerned.
The extra 4 frames a second i got hardly made any difference at all.
I think you would get more benifit with a CPU though,especially with extra cooling.
Could stave off upgrading for a while when your pc is struggling.

  Si_L 06:19 14 Jun 2008

I tried it with an older graphics card, I think it was a 7300LE, and I couldn't see a noticable difference, so I haven't bothered with my new card.

Is it true that AMD proccessors are better at OC than Intel?

  citadel 18:26 14 Jun 2008

the core2 duo and quads overclock to very good levels, for example q6600 costs £131 speed 2.4 overclocks to 3.6 with just air cooling, overclocking may reduce the lifetime of the cpu but as they are made to last about 20 years a couple of years would not matter as most people would upgrade long before then.

  Marko797 18:37 14 Jun 2008

where do we find info on overclocking processors then?

Mines a lowly AMD3400+.

Is it a BIOS job? And what do we actually adjust? Voltages/speed?? And how do we know we won't just blow the thing up, and risk the obvious disastrous effects this might bring? i.e. new mobo and processor.

  citadel 18:53 14 Jun 2008

it depends on the motherboard as some are a lot better than others, the quality boards by asus are good.
just put 'guide to overclocking cpu' into google, there are many to choose from.

  mrwoowoo 00:27 18 Jun 2008

Just trying a tiny overclock 2.4ghz to 2.7ghz on my Q6600 2.4ghz out of curiosity.Increased fsb from 266 mhz to 300mhz.
CPU is and will be no problem but memory has gone from 665mhz to 750mhz.
Don't want to stress the memory as fsb is all i can alter in the bios,so will leave it at that.

  DrScott 13:10 18 Jun 2008

you need to know what you're doing and use the right tools. You also need decent kit - i.e. a decent PSU, decent RAM, a decent mobo, and above all decent cooling.

The Q6600 with G0 stepping is very easy to overclock, and on air mine is stable at 3.45GHz after stress testing with Prime95 and Orthos. It made a huge difference to performance. The 8800GT card is also pre-overclocked.

Done properly overclocking should not reduce the lifespan of your components - many motherboards and RAM are designed specifically to be overclocked. Think of it like a best before end date - the products are guaranteed till then, but are usually entirely edible after the date too!

mrwoowoo - if you reduce the ratio of your RAM then you can get it back down to its normal frequency.

There are many guides online - good places to start are click here and click here.

  mrwoowoo 14:53 18 Jun 2008

Don't seem to have the option regarding ram ratio as i did on my old board.
In the bios it has MB intelligent tweaker.In it's system memory multiplyer settings it just has auto,2.5 or 3.0.(not sure what this equates to)
The cpu multiplyer is locked at 9x,so the option to just up the CPU independently, isn't available.
Looks like the FSB is my only option.
Did have the CPU at 2.9ghz for a while with no major heat rise,but backed it off due to stressing the ram.
Thanks for the links.
I will take a look at them along with researching
Prime95 and Orthos.

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