The original Far cry

  gengiscant 15:03 28 Nov 2009

Just reinstalled and began playing again the first Far Cry.
I had forgotten what a superb game it was and is.
Also playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but is it me, hasn't really gripped me like the original did. Oh well, probably over hyped.

  ordep 16:19 28 Nov 2009

Far Cry, brilliant game. I've just started playing FC2 again.
FC2 got a lot of stick when released but, if you can get the original game out of your head, FC2 is also brilliant.

  mrwoowoo 16:29 28 Nov 2009

Totally agree on both counts.
MW2 just seems like a totally different game to the rest of the series and it doesn't quite gel.
Perhaps i need to get the rest of the COD series out of my head to enjoy it, as technically it's rather good.
If it was a different game from a new developer we would probably rave about it. Hmmm.

  IClaudio 10:20 02 Dec 2009

Have you tried MW2 in Multiplayer yet? It's fantastic!

I know there've been many negative comments regarding the lack of dedicated servers, and I can understand that. But I'm not in a clan and most of my friends actually get out sometimes :) so I'm not looking to team up with mates.

The automatic selection of servers actually saves a lot of time and you always get good pings and balanced teams (so that you can play against level 50s as well as level 10s). Also, you get XP for everything, even being complete rubbish, so levelling up is very quick... and points mean big prizes - well, big guns :)

  mrwoowoo 16:39 02 Dec 2009

Never been a clan fan either so i might have a go on multiplayer when i've finished the single player game. I think that's why they ditched dedicated servers, to make it more fun for casual, new and non clan gamers. More chance of appealing to a wider audience and gaining more revenue it seems.
Personally, like yourself, i prefer it that way.

  Hercule Marple 10:48 06 Dec 2009

Re-installed Far Cry yesterday, for the umpteenth time. Never actually completed it. One of those games where I don't mind getting killed, because I always look forward to trying out a different method of attack in my next attempt.

Enjoyed FC2 for a few hours, then tired of it quickly. Guess I do need a bit of linearity to keep me hooked.

  mrwoowoo 01:33 07 Dec 2009

"Guess I do need a bit of linearity to keep me hooked."
Although most game magazines slate games when they are too linear, if done well they are action packed and exciting. Some of the best FPS's are pretty much on rails such as COD MW2.
A fairly bad linear shooter can still be entertaining. But play a bad free roaming one and you quickly lose the will to live, due to the lack of action and never ending traveling around.
Far cry 2.... ZZZZZZZZZzzz

  Hercule Marple 12:12 07 Dec 2009

Another thing I like about the original FC........ more than any other PC game, it seems like every time I re-install it, the game looks and plays better, lol. I'm using the same motherboard and CPU, but when I first bought FC I had a 64MB Radeon 9000 GPU, 512MB RAM, and a 5400 RPM/1MB cache HDD. Now I have a 7900GS, 1GB RAM, and a Seagate Barracuda HDD. I still stop to admire the scenery, even though the game is considered ancient.

I played FC2 on 360 (see my PC above). It looks superb, but the re-spawning, the tedious 'buddy rescue' scenes, and to a certain extent the gamepad controls put me off it eventually. If I ever get another PC, I might give the PC version a whirl.

  Rigga 12:42 07 Dec 2009

There were three problems with FC2,

1. The stupid malaria problem, which did not enhance the gameplay at all, and just seemed to be a repetitive, go here and get some serum.

2. The very silly get more guns missions, which were also very repetitive go and kill the same bunch of trucks going in endless circles.

3. The one that really got my goat, you could drive through a checkpoint, blow it to pieces, drive around the corner and back again, and it was back together, enemies and all. No excuses for such poor continuity in modern games.

Other than the above, I actually quite enjoyed the main story.

Still enjoy completing the original FC every now and again, it gets silly hard towards the end though. R.

  mrwoowoo 15:53 07 Dec 2009

"it gets silly hard towards the end though."
So silly infact that i never did complete it.
I'm a lot better now though, ( i hope). (O:!

  ordep 12:18 14 Dec 2009

I immediately went for the Golden Gun this time round, and found it to be of great benefit as it never jams and it saves you loads of diamonds on upgrading etc. Been using the river a lot more this time to.
Looking forward to map2 as the game steps up a gear then, along with a neat vehicle that fires canon shells as opposed to a machine gun.
Yes the malaria thing is a pain, but with regard to the check points, I usually go across country to avoid them.

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