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  allanon 19:28 24 Nov 2008

I have played computer games since the humble Sinclair Spectrum, and I mean the 16K version. Anyway I am now thinking about going online- about time my son says. Anyway I believe that World of Warcraft is the No1, however a friend of mine swears that Guild Wars is far better and no monthly fees either. As a complete novice which game would be preferable to learn the ropes?. I note that there are several including Warhammer and Everquest 2,Lord of the Rings, etc.

  IClaudio 16:33 30 Nov 2008

Been playing WarHammer for a couple of weeks, and you can potter around solo, or join in with other players if you like. A unique feature is the Public Areas - here you can dive in and work toward a common goal (kill 30 Guards, for example) although after that, you are usually required to achieve a harder goal which will probably mean teaming up with other players. But all your experience points and treasure a re divided between all of you.

World of Warcraft was too full of uber-players, while WarHammer seems more down-to-earth (although the servers aren't exactly crowded yet...)

  zimara 17:47 25 Nov 2008

I can recommend Warhammer Online.

It's a very new MMO made by bliz and Mythic ent. Mythic are renowned for making good quality PvP games (i played DAoC for 4 years).

I plan to play this one for a while too and although its ealry days the game is shaping up nicely.

I've played wow also but this only held my interest for 2 years, the PvP was really bad so you had to grind endless high level dungeons for gear. The same tactics every time used - boring IMHO.

  wolfie3000 10:15 25 Nov 2008

Read what i posted here if you want an excellent fantasy game,

click here

I used to hate these types of games but im now addicted.

  citadel 19:42 24 Nov 2008

guild wars nightfall is good to start as there are ai henchmen at city's camps etc that you can hire to help you so its more like a single player and you get to know the ins and outs.

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