noob to mmorpg

  gengiscant 14:14 07 Jun 2009

I have never played a mmorpg,not sure I want to more of a gunman (fps) myself.
Saying that I think I would quite like to try,my problem is which one? how do I learn to play,what to do etc etc.
Any advice welcome.

  Kevscar1 18:38 07 Jun 2009

stick free mmorpg in your search engine then try one. They all have tutorials to get you started.

  wolfie3000 21:31 07 Jun 2009

I always reccomend Perfect world as a good MMORPG, its totally free, easy to use and has a great online community.

Also i just happen to be giving away an account for the game free.

click here

The game is one of the easiest MMORPG games to play and iv tryed them all.

I used to hate MMORPG games with a passion as they were all to confusing and like yoursaelf was more inrto FPS games, that was until i tryed Perfect world,
Im now addicted to it, so give it a go and if you want my old account you wont even need to register just download and install the game.

  gengiscant 22:05 07 Jun 2009

Thanks,will look in to this tomorrow.

  Kevscar1 22:25 07 Jun 2009

Silly question but if it's so good (hated it myself) and you are addicted to it why are you giving your account away.

  wolfie3000 00:44 08 Jun 2009

Its so good i made multiple accounts to try different builds, have a character for a film, (the one im giving away due to it not being used now) and my main account which i use daily.

Currently have two accounts, one for test builds and the other which has my main characters on.

  Kevscar1 15:21 08 Jun 2009

There are also hundreds of free browser games of al differnt genres available.
As I am off work at the moment I have 6 different ones runing at the same time. Space, Submarine, WW11. Medieval Fighting, Medieval Straegy and buiding.

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