no servers mohaa !!!!!!

  daxian 21:40 16 Sep 2008

hi all ....
my favorite game online mohaa deathmatch has no servers tonite !!!!! there are normally hundreds to choose from ....any one shed any light as to why??????have tried other games, all work online so its not the internet .Dave
ps. on sky broadband and all aspects seem ok other than this game .

  mrwoowoo 00:18 17 Sep 2008

I play Quake 4 online and lost all my servers for 4 days.They came back on their own with the only thing i had done was deleting my cookies and temp files from internet explorer.
The Quake forum has lots of people with the same problem of servers dissapearing and reappearing sometime later of their own accord.
Hopefully yours will reappear.
Try rebooting if you leave your pc permenently on and delete all cookies and temp files.
Have you installed a software firewall lately?If so try dissabling it or turn off all firewalls just to see if it's some property within them thats changed and preventing it.

  OvrTime 06:12 17 Sep 2008

I have the same issue. Tried two different computers and the results were the same. Tried what the person stated with clearing the internet files and all but still a no go.

  daxian 12:50 17 Sep 2008

hi again ...
as with overtime,2 pc's both same thing no servers in browser list ....tried disabling the fire wall (software) to see if that was the cause.. no change
checking the router settings later today see if ports are blocked ,will update later as to progress.Dave

  mrwoowoo 15:51 17 Sep 2008

Some ISP's do block online gaming and some do it when you go over your allowance although it's unlikely.
As OvrTime says he has tried two PC's,then i assume it's at the servers end.
I wouldn't change settings too much, as since you've changed nothing it's unlikely to help.
You could contact your ISP to see if they restrict online gaming.
Could be that no servers are up at the moment for some reason.
Other than that,just wait and see if they come back.

  mrwoowoo 16:34 17 Sep 2008

Have you got the latest patch for the game?
Check to make sure you don't have the LAN selected in the game menu instead of Internet as you will get no servers (unless of course you are playing on a LAN with another computer in the house).Sometimes this can accidently get altered.
Have you ownloaded any updates for your OS lately?In which case a system restore may work.

  Sobeit 22:16 17 Sep 2008

Same here.
Happened for about three days now.
Two pc's in the house and both doing the same thing.
Looks like a problem their end.
Like mrwoowoo says, don't change too much else you might change the wrong thing and you'll never know when the servers return.

  daxian 15:01 18 Sep 2008

hi all ....
thanks for all the replies,now have it sorted ,it seems some of the game files were corrupt,did a reinstall of the game and now back to normal .
( i dont think the drive being badly fragmented helped either, so sorted that while i was at it )Dave.

  mrwoowoo 19:07 18 Sep 2008

Good,glad it's sorted.
I reinstalled Quake 4 but it made no difference.
Just came back on their own a few days later...strange!

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