'No Kids' Multiplayer modes

  Inept Pig 13:11 18 Apr 2011

In an interview with Official XBox Magazine Treyarch's community manager Josh Olin ruled out a mode of multiplayer gaming that stopped kids from playing - although obviously this is more pertinent for a game that carries an 18 rating, I wonder how many of those who play online would like the option to pick the age range of gamers that they end up competing against?

Although hard to enforce on the PC; the 360 Gamertag could help age-limit sessions - I'm not saying that kids are all bad, just that Xbox Live is full of younger players whose colourful use of language is somewhat disheartening.

Not that some of the adults are much better.

Alternative Question: Has the social decorum of the modern day online gamer now slipped from the relatively low standards that it began with? I see/hear a lot more abuse than I used to (although the option to mute is wonderful, wouldn't it be nice if I didn't have to?); and was thinking that the anonymity of the internet has a lot to answer for.

  Graphicool1 14:59 22 Apr 2011

Something I have found even worse than swearing is, when you're in a multi-player live session and another player, who is supposed to be on your side is killing his own members! Has it happened to you, how does it make you feel? It makes me feel both annoyed and frustrated, with little or nothing you can do to prevent it. Even voting someone off isn't always an option, if you can't always tell who the culprit is.

So what can you do about this...nothing. I know people who ~ because of this ~ have stopped playing online games altogether.

If it's part of the game to do such a thing then fair enough. But when it isn't, they are just spoiling it for everyone else.

  wolfie3000 18:38 22 Apr 2011

Dont get me started on kids in game servers,

I was once in a Perfect world guild that had a few kids in them and they regularly stole from the guild bank to buy stuff for them selves, continually swore in our Vent and didnt help in dungeon raids.

So I formed my own guild and vet all new members myself.

Yeh there should be something in place to stop children playing certain games, namely the ones I play.

To be fair though there are a few kids who are polite and helpfull but its very rare.

  AllThumbs 00:25 23 Apr 2011

As far as team killing goes, under a pc gaming system and again in a clan controlled environment there are things you can do about it. Firstly in some games excessive team killing (ie doing it repeatedly beyond a low fixed number to allow for the fact that you might simply be an idiot) you'll get kicked from the server.

Beyond that, on some servers you can set up the game to reflect damage. So, you shoot your own player and you suffer the damage. It's not exactly realistic, but it does encourage a degree of accuracy if only for selfish reasons.

I'm not sure that we're actually talking about kids necessarily so much as people who play social games without any kind of social awareness or responsibility, which probably does come down to the anonymity that they get from playing un named and online. Kids often carry a grasp of fair play because they're still in that place where the concept is important. It's once you hit the kind of whiney 15-20 that you come up against the ones you really don't want to know (either in game or out).

I'd kind of like less an age comparable grouping so much as an attitude comparable grouping. Playing with like minded people is much more fun.

  gaming123 07:47 06 May 2011

i think this is clever for the security of younger kids.

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