Ninja Gaiden II

  belfman 17:59 10 Jun 2008

Has to be the best game I ever played. Fast moving, loads of action with enemies arms, legs and heads getting chopped off and blood spewing all over the screen with very. very gross detail!

Unbelievable - I love it!

  belfman 08:19 11 Jun 2008

"But the game runs fine on a much lower spech than this."

Yeah, mine, lol - though I'm surprised at your processor.

  crosstrainer 08:26 11 Jun 2008

Alway's had an anti-Intel policy for years. The Phenom is great, (And to be honest, I'm an AMD dealer so get large £ discount :))

  belfman 08:35 11 Jun 2008

I see. Not biased either way and usually take the faster chip that I can afford but if I was getting a discount that may sway me in favour of one of them.

I was gonna ask more about your system (case, cooling and noise level) but the wife will kill me if I'm enquiring about builds. :( I'm banned from messing up the computers.

  wolfie3000 09:01 11 Jun 2008

Looks like a brilliant game, Just wish it was available for the pc.

As others have said its just a game and also a fantasy one at that.


Try the Nostromo N52TE, i have the N52 version and its brilliant for most games.
click here

  crosstrainer 09:02 11 Jun 2008

"Messing them up" Is how you learn! Tell your other half that this is all educational, and you alway's have plenty of support here :)

  crosstrainer 09:03 11 Jun 2008

Thanks for the link :)

  crosstrainer 09:04 11 Jun 2008

OMG! i was expecting something like one of those old Playstation contollers.

That looks as if it came out of the Space Shuttle :))

  belfman 09:43 11 Jun 2008

" Looks like a brilliant game, Just wish it was available for the pc."

I thought you bought a console a while back, did you not?

  mrwoowoo 17:16 11 Jun 2008

Finished COD 4 and loved it.Especially when you crawl through the long grass right through the advancing foot soldiers and tanks.Quite realistic.
Played the other COD'S that came out on pc too.
Aniversary was great on pc with a controller.
It is a matter of taste though and we are all different.
My controllers an old Saitek p2500 rumble pad.Still love it though as the grips on it are perfect.

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