need to control my sons downloads

  Joanneho 08:16 11 Mar 2017

Hi. My so. Has a new gaming pc and has already managed to download 7 viruses. Is there a decent programme or something I can do that won't allow him to download things without my permission.

  Forum Editor 09:24 11 Mar 2017

The first thing to ask is, does your son have anti-virus software installed?

My standard response to questions like yours is to say that this is really a discipline issue. There are various ways to stop the installation of unauthorised software, but they can be involved and restrictive.

Surely, it is far better to talk to your son and explain the dangers involved in downloading indiscriminately. Make sure that he understands how he will be the one who suffers when his machine stops working properly because of virus infections or malware.

If you haven't done so already, install something like the free version of AVG and also Malwarebytes.

  Devil Fish 22:27 19 Mar 2017

I Concur with FE on this one make sure you have an up to date anti virus and anti Malware have a word with your son and explain the problems that could ensue. If that doesn't work you could put him on a limited user account thus requiring an Administrator password before he can install anything,It wont stop him downloading but given that most virus/malware payloads are in executables that would give you an extra layer of protection and give you time to virus/malware scan software before giving install permission

  Burn-it 13:03 20 Mar 2017

If he has access to an administrator account (safe mode) there is nothing you can do to stop him other than discipline.

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