Is my PC going to remain effective for the future?

  jammyTactics 15:40 04 Jun 2015

Hi all,

So I'm literally just put together a high-end setup and just wanted to know what FPS roughly I can expect to be playing on with my setup with V-Sync off and would it cause frame tearing at 1/2K with my TV being my moitor? My setup:

CPU - i7 4790K

GPU - MSI GTX 980 Gaming 4G 2-Way SLI

RAM - Corsair Vengance Pro (8GB)

Mobo - MSI Z97 Gaming 7

For the other hardware spec just ask (:

But as a whole just looking for opinons on the setup and would it be adequate if I'm going to be modding Skyrim to look...Well loads better than Vanilla? As well as play most modern games in Ultra at a decent rate? Because I've seen that Witcher 3 may not have SLI Support (I don't know if this is true I haven't played the game) on Gamespot forums I believe it was, and if some of the more modern games do not then I'm wanting to know whether or not I'll still be able to run things smoothly?

Any opinons would be great thank you (:

  Ian in Northampton 13:26 05 Jun 2015

At a guess, that should eat just about anything you throw at it. It's hard to think of how you could have put together something more capable. I would tend not to worry.

  Stanxl 23:53 10 Jun 2015

Hi, your PC looks really hi-end TO ME. I'm sure, it could easily run most of current generation's games (at least 5 years in advance). Maybe, you can add some more RAM and SSD drive (if you haven't installed it yet) to get the ultimate gaming machine.

  Devil Fish 22:28 27 Jun 2015

running a similar set up but with single gtx 770 o'c runs at high settings and game looks awsome you rig should eat it up

  Devil Fish 22:29 27 Jun 2015

was talking about witcher 3 sorry for 2nd post no edit

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