My New Gaming Computer

  Bioshox 11:05 03 Aug 2008

64x Bit Windows Vista Home Premium
AMD Phenom Quad Core 2.2GHz (Total Clock Speed 8.8GHz)
2GB Corsair RAM (With Heatsink)
Gigabyte Motherboard
ATi Radeon 3200 (VGA Onboard [Temporary])
1x Sharkoon Rear Fan & 1x Cooler Master Front Fan & Side Fan

Boots into the logon screen in exactly 52 seconds (From the second i pushed the button the the logon screen)


Without Side Panel:

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

With Side Panel:

[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  crosstrainer 15:01 03 Aug 2008

As soon as it has a decent graphics card in it it will revile my Phenom lol!

I've got 2 8800GTX's in mine and 4gb ram, but you could go for the new 280? At least you would only need one :))

  mrwoowoo 15:02 03 Aug 2008

I take it,that since you've decided to tell us all about it,you must be very pleased with it.
It looks nice i must say and i hope you have many months of fun with your new purchase.
As a matter of interest,what PSU do you have and what graphics card do you intend to go for?
Any gaming planned?

  crosstrainer 16:46 03 Aug 2008

It won't be doing much with that onboard chip yet, that's for sure :))

  Bioshox 19:01 03 Aug 2008


Well my power supply is a Win Power 450W PSU
And i dont know what model but an ATi, With Crossfire

I will post more infomation once i have it!

  mrwoowoo 19:46 03 Aug 2008

You will need to watch what card you go for with that power supply though.
Most reasonable cards require at least a 450w PSU.

  citadel 20:30 03 Aug 2008

that psu appears to be a very cheap one, if you are getting a 4870 card you need a decent psu.

  Coltch 08:02 04 Aug 2008

Wait for the 4870 X2 to appear and put 2 of them in for Crossfire X - should knock the socks off anything!.

Out of interest what size screen are you using - anything less than 24" is a waste for Crossfire/SLI.

The PSU as stated is not good enough if you plan to go down the crossfire route, try getting a decent branded 700+w PSU (OCZ, Coolermaster, etc.).

My CM 850W PSU has enough juice to keep 2 x HD2900XT's happy (well just about!)

  Bioshox 08:38 04 Aug 2008

19" HD TV

Also, Will that power supply not be enough to power, or just what you guys think is not good enough

As I dont want to spend money on things I DON'T need.


  crosstrainer 08:57 04 Aug 2008

I would advise you to upgrade that PSU to a 650watt of good quality, such as an antec, hiper or the like. Cheap generic PSU's which claim to be 700 watt+ are inferior to a quality brand. My own favourite is Hiper, and whilst they don't come cheap, they do what they say on the box.

This one is running the spec I posted above without any issues at all (added to the mix are 2x 500GB hdd's and 2x DVDRW drives) so it has a lot to do.

In short, you get what you pay for.

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