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  Marko797 11:52 28 Aug 2008

For all of u who have completed Crysis, then Crysis Warhead is out in September. Seems this time you play as Psycho. Wasn't he the English guy in the first Crysis.

click here

Seems as if they are following the Halflife trail, where we played as Opposing Forces' Sheppard, then of couse as Barney in Blue Shift.

Might be interesting?

  crosstrainer 12:28 28 Aug 2008

Yep, psycho was my favourite character from the game, so am looking forward to it...Only thing is, it's just a bolt on (like the FEAR expansion pack) which was too short, and poor value.

It's to fill the void until Crysis2 (not for a long time yet :(

  Marko797 13:31 28 Aug 2008

agree that, yes, it's a gap filler, but to my mind a welcome one:)

  crosstrainer 15:02 28 Aug 2008

Yes, worth a go, I need a break from flying Aircraft :)) And nothing else is happening at the moment on the game front.

FEAR will be the next big release, with Alma taking a "More active" role in the game....That girl gives me the creeps! :))

  Marko797 15:43 28 Aug 2008

can't remember when FEAR (next instalment) is out. When is that?

  crosstrainer 15:47 28 Aug 2008

Before Christmas I think.

  Marko797 15:56 28 Aug 2008

just checked on gamespot; Project Origin apparently scheduled for Q1 2009. Oh well, will have to drag out Diablo2 Expansion, and the Crysis expansion until then.

You would have thought they'd have tried for a Xmas release?

  crosstrainer 17:29 28 Aug 2008

They did....It just got pushed back...Now we won't get it until spring :( They won't release straight after the Christmas holidays.

Lets hope the Crysis bolt on is a bit bigger than the FEAR offering was (finished that one in a day!)

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