Major pc error, gaming related

  gillburg 23:17 27 Apr 2009

Hey there, im a pc gamer and i have a major problem with my pc. before i start this is my spec's

Arock nf7g-hd 720p r5.0
Geforce 9800gtx+
4 gig kingston ram
amd 4800+ duelcore 2.7ghz
ezcool 700watt power supply.

ok now thats out of the way, my pc crashes with certain game like clockwork, eg. empire total war, Dawn of war 2, team fortress 2.

some games work like crysis, halflife 2 etc.

now to whats happening, i can play the game between 5-30 min, then the game will crash and the screen will start flashing fast, when i tab out and go back in the game i get all sorts of graphical issues, no floors, purple sky's and freezes. Then it will not respond and im forced to do a cold reboot, some cases it will Bsod itself.

im pretty good with pc's ive tried reinstalling all my drivers, even reformatted, cleaned everything but still the same problems.

please help

  gillburg 23:21 27 Apr 2009

Also it is not a heat problem, using speedfan all my temps are all at acceptable levels.

  Forum Editor 23:32 27 Apr 2009

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  Kevscar1 07:16 28 Apr 2009

are your graphic and sound drivers right upto date.
try driver detective to find out.

  gillburg 15:52 28 Apr 2009

i have 8 drivers that need updating, but because i dont have to paid version of driver detective i cant update them with that.

i have drivers like:

nvidea network bus enumerator
usb audio device
nvidea nforce pci system managment
nvidea nforce system managment

all pretty generic and have no idea where to go next.

but everything else is up too date

  brundle 15:57 28 Apr 2009

They're motherboard or chipset drivers, get them from your board manufacturer. At the next BSOD make a note of the stop code and any drivers mentioned - filenames ending in .sys

Check your RAM for problems; click here

  citadel 18:13 28 Apr 2009

i would say its the card or the psu, cant find reviews of the psu, a bad sign.

  Kevscar1 19:24 28 Apr 2009

go to the nvidia site for theirs and manufacturers sites for the others or pay for Driver detective like I have. it's a one off.
With that many out of date it's 90% that one of them is the cause of yuor problem

  smoking44 00:07 29 Apr 2009

I asume that the graphic card has to have its own power supply (like mine 9800) if so then depending on what hardware you already have in your system ( hardrives, Cd-Dvd drives etc) then i would say that your power supply cannot supply enough constant power. I had a similar problem when I installed my card, cure was a 1000 watt power supply old PSU was 650 watts)

  brundle 00:37 29 Apr 2009

It's not just the wattage, current is also a factor that's crucial to graphics cards. 26A on the 12v rail(s) for a 9800GT - not sure how much more for a GTX+. The Corsair HX620 provides 50A on the 12v rail for example. Cheaper PSUs may overstate their abilities in that regard, or not provide stable power under the same load as a higher quality product of the same rating.

  Kevscar1 07:26 29 Apr 2009

smoking44 brundle
he only crashes with certain games that would indicate drivers. if it was power supply then it should be all games.

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