Looking for a gaming pc for £400-£700 help?

  harry_farley 22:16 26 Jun 2014

Hello, I'm looking for a gaming PC but I'm not sure which to get. I have no idea what parts to get and also I don't know how to put one together. I would like if the PC came already built. I also need a monitor, keyboard and mouse. The games I would be playing are GTA V (i know its not out yet), CoD zombies, borderlands, football manager etc.. Thanks

  harry_farley 02:54 28 Jun 2014

Think this is how i reply? Urm I found this one which I think looks okay. click here I found this one from a different website? click here

Also Thanks

  martd7 11:09 28 Jun 2014

Id upgrade the graphics card in the fusion shotgun to the 660gtx,it handles most modern games on ultra/high settings comfortably,bf4,crysis3,cod ghosts

  martd7 11:13 28 Jun 2014

The free game you receive "watchdogs" when upgrading to the nvidia card plays smoothly on high settings on the gtx 660,very nice graphically but the games too "stealthy" for me

  harry_farley 11:40 28 Jun 2014

Okay, A quick question, If I don't get a SSD does that mean i have to buy 1 or 2 hard drives?

  harry_farley 23:44 28 Jun 2014

Okay thanks a lot, one last question to get a 1tb HDD, I just buy 2 500gb hdd right? as i can't see a 1tb hdd on that computer

  martd7 11:29 29 Jun 2014

As mechkb2 said there's not a hdd supplied,either remove the ssd from the system and add the 1tb drive or add the 1tb drive,cost about £80,click on customise there's a list of parts to upgrade to or downgrade,in the hdd section its second one down

  harry_farley 21:30 29 Jun 2014

Okay thanks a lot. Btw is the windows optimisation service worth the extra £30?

  harry_farley 11:17 30 Jun 2014

Thanks, last question i promise, Will windows 8.1 64 bit work with the computer or do i have to get windows 7

  harry_farley 13:06 30 Jun 2014

Nah not yet I was thinking maybe 21-22 inch screen, Any ideas? and preferably something under £100 Thanks

  harry_farley 13:42 30 Jun 2014

Okay, Here is the build. I was wondering if there was any way you could make it cheaper as it comes to £874 inc VAT Fusion shotgun case:Fractal design core 1000 Processor:Intel core i5 4430 Haswell processor 3.0ghz no overclocking cpu cooler:stock thermal paste:Generic thermal Motherboard:Asus H81M-A basic ATX motherboard memory:8GB PC3-10666 (2X4GB STICKS) Graphics card:Nvidia gtx 660 with watchdogs 1st hdd:1000gb optical drive:24x sata DVD Power supply:Basic 700w PSU Sound card:Onboard high def audio OS:Either windows 7 or 8.1 haven't decided yet cable management:standard waranty:5 year

And monitor is 24 asus vs247hr widescreen led monitor

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